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Adult diapers come in a variety of absorbency options.  The most needed one seems to be the overnight.  While you are asleep, your muscles relax and that is when you experience the heaviest outflow.  The overnight products are designed to hold a larger capacity than the ones you would normally use during the daytime.  Some people use the overnight for daytime use also.  Some overnight products can hold up to 34 fluid ounces as in the Tranquility brand products.  Remember you do not need to be “stuck” in the same product for daytime use as nighttime usage.  Or even the sane style.  A full night’s sleep is the goal you are aiming at.

Because of the increased capacity the Overnight’s hold, they can be a little bulkier than your normal daytime use product.  Overnight products are focused more on protection than discretion.  For even more protection, in case the product is not enough, look for liners or booster pads to increase the amount of absorbency. Covers are less effective but can work. Also, you can protect bedding with under-pads. All this is usually not necessary, but it certainly can be.

One of our most popular products in this category are the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons which can absorb anywhere from 20-34 oz of liquid, depending on the size. Or for the those that prefer the briefs with tabs there is the Tranquility ATN Brief or Tranquility SmartcoreBrief.  Both products offer the same high capacity depending on the size needed.  Tranquility also offers a liner that can serve as an additional diaper style within the overnight products.  


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