There are two types of underpads, disposable and reusable. They go on top of the bedding. Both reusable and disposables are protection for any accidents at night or leakage that isn’t caught before it gets to the bed. 

Disposable underpads usually bunch up really easily, but some people use them for their one-time use and throw them away. Although they bunch up easily, some people get them to work. We wouldn’t recommend rough sleepers with these, but they can do well. Disposable underpads come many to a package.

Reusable underpads are more sturdy, can be re-washed. They provide extra protection for those who need them. Reusable underpads come in singles or groups and can absorb enough to protect. Machine wash, dry, and re-use. 

Some people feel more secure in sleeping with these products. We don’t recommend these as a replacement for good fitting adult diapers. They are more of a backup and peace of mind.

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