Adult swim diapers for adults or youth swim diapers for teenagers are diapers that can go into the water without swelling up grandma and grandson by wateras a normal diaper would. This being said, the swim diapers are for containment for bowel incontinence. While they may hold a small amount of urine, they are for the containment for those in need of bowel containment. There are both disposable and reusable Swim Diapers available.

Let's begin with disposables. 

Disposable swim diapers are exactly like they sound. You throw them away after a single-use, even if they didn't get soiled. Disposable. They are more costly if you go to the pool for more than one or two times.

Disposable adult or youth swim diapers, like those by Tranquility, are fairly new on the market. The Tranquilities are designed to hold a small amount of urine and contain bowel incontinence while not swelling up in the water and are available in a variety of sizes.

Many disposable Swim diapers have tear-away side seams for easy removal. Some people use these products for their regular bowel incontinence wear, even when not around a pool.

Then, there are reusables for adults and youth.

The traditional reusable adult or youth swim diapers provide repeated use for a better value for your money long term. Products like the Pool Pal are economical containment underwear. The Pool Pals for Youth or Adults are available in four colors and are designed to fit discretely under your normal swimwear. If you see a boxer style brief it means it can be worn by itself.

The secure is an example of a great custom made and custom fit type swim diaper designed to last many swim seasons. It features a wide band of velcro for closure and adjustment features. It is only available in the Navy. It will fit from a 22-inch waist/hip to a 58-inch waist/hip.

As in regular incontinence products, you will need to take your measurements carefully. You will need your waist at the belly button, your hips at the widest point, and the rise needed from front to back. You may also need the leg opening measurement for some swim diapers. See our sizing guide for more details.

In Conclusion,

As you can see, there are some options for getting in the pool, both disposable and reusable. Youth versions for teenagers are available as well, called 'youth swim diapers'. There are even some plus-sized options. The reusable versions have been around for a long time. Remember, these are for bowel containment, and, with a proper fit, can be a good solution for the pool.

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