Are you looking to boost absorbency for an adult incontinence product? Booster pads are pads that are designed to add to the capacity of an outer incontinence product. They are worn inside the pull-on or brief with tabs to add capacity to prevent leakage. They can be position in strategic areas as needed.

booster pad imageA booster pad is different from normal incontinence pads. Booster pads do not have a barrier liner on them like the normal incontinence pads. The booster pad will absorb to its capacity and then allow any additional fluid to flow thru onto the outer incontinence product. A barrier liner would prevent this from happening and push the fluid out the sides, creating leakage.

Booster pads, by adding the additional capacity, can help you get the night-time or daytime absorbance you need. When you sleep, the muscles relax, and you have a heavier flow than during the daytime. The additional capacity can problems in the middle of the night. They are also great for long trips with little to no rest stops.

Booster pads are available in a variety of capacities. They can add as little as 4 ounces up to 24 ounces, depending on your needs. And for men, they can be strategically placed where needed the most. These are great for side sleepers also.

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