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Velcro Adult Cloth Diaper with pocket product image
Velcro Adult Cloth Diaper with pocket product image

Velcro Adult Cloth Diaper with Pocket

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VELCRO Adult Diaper with a pocket

Great for disabled individuals who want a reusable diaper!

Overview – This Velcro Adult Cloth Diaper with a pocket is easy to fasten with the large Velcro openings. It is adjustable for a snug fit. It is comfortable with the soft breathable material. The legs are made with leak guards in the outer fabric. The elastic on the legs is sewn in both sides of the inner fabric to add additional protection against leakage. The insert is removable so that a dry insert can be added when needed. An additional insert can be added to make it absorbent for overnight use.

The inserts can be doubled for extra protection.  The extra inserts are identical to the ones provided with the diaper. 

  • Adjustable waist sizes
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Pocket inserts for absorbency
  • Inner is a suede cloth liner
  • Inserts are four layers of absorbent microfiber
  • Additional pocket inserts available for each size

Washing instructions:The Velcro needs to be attached to itself when washing to prevent damage to the diaper. Fastening the Velcro to the diaper prevents the Velcro from sticking to the diaper while washing. The diaper should be washed in warm water - hot water will damage the waterproofing of the diaper. The diaper can be machine washed and dried in a normal dryer at medium temperatures. Do not wash the diapers and inserts in water temperature over 86'.

It is best if the pockets and diapers are washed separately and not with other clothing. The Velcro can damage clothes.

  • Please measure carefully.

Sizing Table

Size             Waist/Hip    
Capacity      QTY Color
X-Small        19"-33"         Heavy    singles   White
Small            29"-44"         Heavy    singles   White. Out of Stock
Medium        32"-51"         Heavy                singles   White  Out of Stock
Large            35"-59"         Heavy                 singles   White   Out of Stock

Pocket Inserts
X-Small to Large

Want to know more, click on a link below:

Absorption – The inner pocket is made with four layers. This inner absorption material is made of 100% polyester microfibers for heavy absorbency. The absorbent inner suede cloth along with this inner lining and the cuffed legs provide comfortable protection for heavy urine leakage. An extra pad can be added if needed to increase the absorption level for nighttime use.

Fit – The Velcro opening is adjustable to create a snug and comfortable fit.

Odor Reduction – None

Additional Products or Alternatives– You can also add booster pads or additional inserts to increase the capacity of Velcro Adult Cloth Diapers with pockets. The booster pads can be either reusable or disposable depending on the need. Some people add cover ups to help prevent leakage and for additional nighttime protection.

Reviews– Hit the tab that says "Customer Reviews" on the top of this description box. This is a new product so we will not have reviews for this product yet.

Inserts are made of 100% microfiber (80% polyester and 20% poly-amide). The outer lining is Polyester with a PUL lamination to make them waterproof yet breathable. The inner cloth between the wearer and the insert is a polyester stay-dry suede cloth.

Type of Adult Diaper Velcro Adult Cloth Diaper with Pocket
Type of Incontinence Urinary
Who is this for? Men, Women, Youth, Older child
Sizes Available X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
Absorbency by size Heavy
Comes by the Pack No
Reusable or Disposable Reusable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg? Full Encased Elastic
Backing Waterproof & Breathable Polyester with lamination
Type of Odor Control None
Does it have Leak Guards Yes
Each Wrapped Individually Yes
Where is it made China
Alternative Products All In One Adult and Youth Diaper
Helper Products booster pads, cover ups


Top 7 Questions people ask about reusable cloth diapers.

  1. Will these save me money?
    Reusable products are always cheaper in the long run than disposable products.
  2. Is it bulky for daytime use? This is a great product for daytime use. It is slim in the fit and not very bulky.
  3. Do I have to use only the reusable or can I interchange disposable adult diapers when needed?
    You do not have to use only the reusable. It may be more convenient for you to take a disposable along when you are out and about. You do not need to carry around a soiled product until you get home again.
  4. The Overnight is too bulky, are there daytime alternatives?
    Yes, we have alternative reusable product in a variety of degree of coverage. They go from the regular underwear for men, panties for women, both with sewn in pads to the Chamonix for sensitive skin. If you need something that is still for heavy incontinence but a little less bulky there are the Ultra-Fit Reusable Briefs. There are products available depending on your needs.
  5. Are they machine washable?
    Yes, they are machine washable and dryer friendly.
  6. How many should I order?
    We suggest you first take your measurements carefully. Then check the sizing chart to make sure you order the correct size. We would suggest for your first time order, you order only one. This gives you a chance to see the product, use the product and make sure it is correct for your needs. You can figure out how many times you change during the day and how often you want to do laundry. Then order the amount you feel necessary.
  7. Do they come in different colors?
    We only carry this product in white.
  8. Do I need a coverup for this product?
    Depending on your output at night you may. Some people feel more secure knowing they have the extra protection that a cover up offers. It really becomes a personal choice more than a need.

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