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Ultra-Fit Reusable Briefs - Reusable Adult Cloth Diaper with Tabs, Heavy Incontinence, Urinary and/or Bowel

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Overview – The Ultra Fit Reusable Brief is the ultimate in comfortable incontinence products. This product is for heavy urinary and bowel incontinence. It is a reusable product that is machine washable and dryer friendly. The soft terry cloth interior lining comforts your skin while the core wicks away any wetness.

Reusable Products are non-returnable


Sizing Table

Size Waist Capacity Qty SKU
Small 24-32" Heavy One Adult Cloth Diaper P15304E
Medium 28-38" Heavy One Adult Cloth Diaper P15305E
Large 36-45" Heavy One Adult Cloth Diaper P15306E
X-Large 43-54" Heavy One Adult Cloth Diaper P15307E



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Absorption – The Ultra-Fit Reusable Brief is a heavy incontinence adult cloth diaper made of highly absorbent cloth material that absorbs both urine and bowel. It is a common replacement for disposable adult diapers, and contains as much as most things it replaces. We recommend trying one diaper out to make sure it works for your absorption needs, then switching to them if that one works.


Fit – The enclosed elastic around the leg openings give you a secure, snug fit. There are snaps located at either side of the waist and leg openings. These give you the ability to adjust the fit as needed to get that snug, no-leak fit.


Odor Reduction – Antibacterial protection resist bacteria and odors.


Additional Products – If more capacity is needed, say for nighttime use, you can add booster pads. The booster pads can be either the disposable type or reusables also. That would be your preference. Some people add the cover-ups for the added peace of mind that no leaks will occur.



Brand of Adult Diaper Priva
Type of Incontinence Urinary and/or bowel
Who is this for? Men, Women, and Youth
Comes by the Pack No, sold by each only
Reusable or Disposable Reusable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg? Encased elastic at openings
Backing Vinyl waterproof
Type of Odor Control Antibacterial protection
Does it have Leak Guards Yes
Each Wrapped Individually Yes
Where is it made Canada
Alternative Products MIP Ultra Fit Med-i-Brief, Tranquility Slimline
Helper Products Booster pads, cover ups



Suggestions Alternatives - Style and Also Bowel - The MIP Ultra Fit Med-i-Brief might be a good alternative for the Ultra Fit. It is for both urinary and bowel incontinence. It has a quilted lining versus the terry cloth lining of the Ultra Fit. The Tranquility Slimline would be a good alternative in the disposable line. It is very discrete under your clothing.


Machine Wash and Dry Details - This product is a reusable product. It is machine washable and dryer friendly. They continue to be useful up to 200-300 washings. They can be machine dried at 160 degrees or lower. Do not use excessive softener as it can reduce the absorbency of the product. Never put hot water directly on the product.


Reusables vs. Disposables - Reusable products will save you money in the long term. It is very basic. With disposables you use them, throw them away and replace them. The reusable products are machine washable and dryer friendly. Wear them, put them in the wash and reuse them over again. No need to replace them on a constant basis. While they are more expensive to start, as time goes by and you are not constantly replacing them, they will pay for themselves many times over. This is true for all reusables from pads to the briefs. You are also being eco-friendly. The disposables fill up the landfills. You are not contributing to this around the waist ispractice with reusables. Some find the disposables easier to use when they are out; but prefer the reusables when at home. You can inter-mix them. Use the product that best suits your needs as the situation arises.


Top 5 Questions About this McKesson Product

  1. How many of these will I need?
    The answer to this depends on how many times you will need to change in a day and how often you want to do wash. The more often you opt to do laundry, the smaller quantity you will need. The first step is to find the right product in the correct size, then see how often you need to change in a day and figure out how often you are going to do laundry.
  2. You say they will save me money, how?
    Because they are a reusable product, you simply wash them and reusable them over again. With the disposable products, once they are soiled you throw them in the garbage – just like throwing your money away. And they have to be replaced constantly. Once you have made the initial investment in a reusable product, that is it. You do not constantly replace them every week or month. Over time, the reusables will save you money.
  3. 3. Do I have to use these all the time?
    You can use the products as you see the need. For some going out in a reusable product is not feasible. They do not want to deal with bringing home a soiled product to wash. They would rather wear a disposable and take a replacement in case they need it. And throw the soiled product away while they are out. There are no set rules and regulations that say you must do this or that with the products. Use these products to make your life easier and give yourself the ability to live life at its fullest.
  4. 4. What color are these? Do they come in different colors?
    The Ultra Fit is white in color. The encasement for the elastic at the leg openings and around the waist is a dark red. The interior terry cloth is white also. They are not available at this time in different color choices.
  5. 5. Are these a normally stocked item?
    Yes, we try to keep a well-stocked inventory on hand of this item. It is a very popular item. If we are out of product, you will be notified with an approximate ship date. This does not happen often, but it can happen.


About Priva the Maker of Ultra-Fits – Ultra Fit is a product under the brand name of Priva. Priva is manufactured in Canada by Fiberlinks Textile. They have over 30 years experience with an International customer base into the United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. They specialize in eco-friendly, waterproof and absorbent textile in various styles.


Shipping, Returns, Quality Guarantee

This product is stock at our corporate headquarters in Idaho. Orders are shipped via the U.S. Mail Priority mail. This means you would have delivery within 2-3 business days. We try to ship as fast as possible.

As this is a reusable product, due to Health Regulation restrictions, we do not accept returns on these products. If you experience any problem or have questions in regards to the product, please let us know. We are happy to assist.

Quality Guarantee
We offer you quality products. Products are replaced if they are defective. We want to assist you in finding the right product for your individual needs. Let us help you with any and all questions. Feel free to email us, ask our nurse a question, or call us at 866-559-0353.


Discreteness and Quietness – These items are shipped via U.S. mail. They will be in the plain white envelope or boxes provided by the U.S. Mail for their priority shipments. There is no incontinence advertising on the packages. Products are quiet to wear being made of cloth material. They are a slim-fitting product that is designed to be worn under normal clothing.

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