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Difference Between Products

You might be asking, What the heck is the difference between all of these types of adult diapers? This article outlines each of them.

Briefs - A brief means that it has tabs on the side. There are many more choices of briefs than there are of pull-ups, which pull on like underwear. Brief types include cloth-like backing, plastic backing, refasten able, non-refasten able, overnight, and day use briefs.

Briefs with cloth-like backing – most briefs fit this category. They make less noise than briefs with plastic backing. An example of this is the Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Disposable Briefs.

Briefs with plastic backing - More briefs used to be in this category. These usually make more noise when used. Some people prefer this type of product. An example of this is some sizes of the Tranquility Slimline Briefs.

Briefs with refastenable tabs – Briefs with refastenable tabs have tabs that can be removed and refastened over and over again. Many higher quality briefs have this characteristic.

Briefs with non-refasten able tabs -These briefs can only be fastened once, and work for well for some people. These briefs are usually more economically priced.

Briefs for Overnight – Briefs labeled overnight are made to be worn at night, and are the most absorbent type of briefs. Most people don’t wear an overnight brief for the day, but if a person is very incontinent, then sometimes they do for the extra absorbency. Overnight briefs are usually bulkier in size. An example of an overnight brief is the Dignity P.M. Overnight Adult Fitted Brief.

Briefs for Day Use – Briefs labeled ‘Heavy’, ‘Moderate’, or ‘Light’ are made for day use. These products are usually less bulky and absorb less, and are made to be worn during the day. An example of a ‘Heavy’ absorbancy diaper for day use is the Tranquility SlimLine Breathable Brief (Heavy)

Bariatric Briefs – These briefs are for plus sized individuals, and come in a variety of very large sizes and many different brands. Some of these briefs go up to very large waist sizes. An example is the Prevail Bariatric Briefs that go up to a 94” waist.

Pull-ups – Standard pull-ups are a different style than briefs. They pull on like underwear and have no tabs. This is more ideal for taking on and off to go to the bathroom, and for people with conditions like dementia. Many people prefer this style of incontinence product. A popular pullup is the Tranquility Premium Disposable Underwear (Overnight).

Pull-ups With Refastenable Tabs - a new type of product that are pull-ups, but have tabs on the side if you want to use them. An example of this interesting product is the Depend Refastenable Underwear (Overnight).

Reusable Adult Diapers – These products come in a variety of different types and are made to be washed and dried like regular clothing. There are light incontinence products like men’s underwear-like products with a pad inside – an example of this is the Men's Free & Active Brief with Built in Absorbency, and there are different levels of absorbancy all the way up to products for overnight incontinence like the Ibex Utra Fitted Briefs (Overnight). Reusable products are more expensive, but for a long term solution they are much cheaper. A person can realize this by adding up what they will spend on disposable products for one full year.

Belted Undergarments – These are a product that is held on by a belt and has an absorbent area that is attached to the belt. They are for differently shaped or bariatric users.

Fecal Incontinence Incontinence Products – These products are made to protect against fecal incontinence as well as urinary incontinence. A good example of this is the Tranquility Slimline Disposable Brief (Heavy).

Swim Diapers – These products are for adults and older children, and protect against fecal incontinence while the person is swimming. An example of this product is the Containment Swim Diaper, which can be custom made to fit.

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