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Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons package image
Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons package image

Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons

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Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-ons - Pull Ups, Overnight/Maximum Incontinence, Urinary

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Overview – The Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Underwear is the perfect product for those looking for a dry, full night’s sleep. Tranquility’s signature features are found on this product. The peach mat construction core, dual cuffs at leg openings and maximum capacity are key features. They also have an ample, full-rise waist panel for a better, more proportioned fit. There are tear-away side seams for ease of change. The Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons are a best selling product with one of the highest capacities.


Click here for a fluid oz, cups, and bladder size comparison chart

Sizing Table

=8 oz.

Size Waist Capacity Qty SKU
X-Small 17-28" 20.3oz 22/pk or 88/cs 2113
Small 22-36" 20.3oz 20/pk or 80/cs 2114
Medium 34-48" 34oz 18pk or 72/cs 2115
Large 44-54" 34oz 16/pk or 64/cs 2116
X-Large 48-66" 34oz 14/pk or 56/cs 2117
2X-Large 62-80" 34oz 12/pk or 48/cs 2118



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Absorption Tranquility brings advanced technology along with quality to their products. This helps in your selection of products to utilize. This product is tested under the C.U.P. testing. That is Capacity Under Pressure. The capacity of the product is tested under a pressurized flow not the soaking method. This is how the fluid is released from your body. The peach mat core is the inner core of the product. It absorbs fluids quickly and traps it away from the skin. By quickly absorbing the urine, it helps with the odor control. It locks in the urine so the bacteria cannot thrive. This all helps keep your skin healthy.


Fit – This overnight underwear features the Tranquility dual cuff design. The Tranquility products feature an inner and outer cuff. Most common place for leakage is at the leg openings. These inner cuffs direct the liquid toward the center core. There are tear away sides to assist in the change process. This allows you to tear the sides open to do a product change. This pullup is available in a wide variety of sizes from x-small to 2X-large.


Odor Reduction – The peach mat core is the ultimate in odor reduction. This core absorbs the fluid so quickly that it neutralizes any odor. It keeps the fluid contained in the core also eliminating any chance of odors.


Additional Products – You can also add booster pads to add to the capacity of the product if needed. Some people also use a coverup for added personal security.



Brand of Adult Diaper Tranquility
Type of Incontinence Urinary
Who is this for? Men, Women, and Youth
Comes by the Pack Yes
Reusable or Disposable Disposable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg? Elastic at waist and leg openings
Backing Waterproof cloth-like backing
Type of Odor Control Peach mat core
Does it have Leak Guards Yes
Each Wrapped Individually No
Where is it made USA
Alternative Products Tranquility ATN
Helper Products Booster pads, underpads



Suggestions Alternatives - Style and Also Bowel – The Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull on is not rated for bowel incontinence. As it is a pull on, a good substitute might be the Tena Discreet Protective Underwear. There are only a few pull ons available for bowel incontinence. If you have decided you prefer the brief with tabs style, a good alternative would be the Tranquility ATN Disposable brief. The briefs are the same high quality with almost the same capacity.


Simlar Products Comparison Chart

Product Icon Product Name Absorbency Features Style Who For Fit Color Odor Control Backing (Made of) Price Per Diaper (Medium Case)
Tranquility Premium Icon Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons Heavy to overnight/maximum, urinary Dual leg cuffs, peach mat core, high capacity, simple pull on style Pull on Men, women, youth 17-80" waist White Yes with the quick wicking peach mat core Cloth Like $1.08
surecare icon SureCare Protective Underwear Moderate to Heavy, Urinary Tear-away sides, poly-fresh polymer, colored strands in the waistband Pull-on Men, women, youth 34-66" waist White Yes with super core Cloth Like 84 cents
tena underwear icon Tena Absorbent Underwear Heavy, Urinary Leg cuff, gentle waist band, tear away sides Pull-on Men, women, youth 32-80" waist White Yes, fast-wicking core Cloth Like 82 cents

Note that the Tranquility Premium Pull-ons are more expensive, but also have a lot more absorbency and features. A lot.


Top 7 Questions About This Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons

  1. My bedding and myself are soaked every morning. Does this product help with that?
    If you are experiencing leakage at night, it is very common. There are generally only two reasons why you are experiencing leakage – not a high enough capacity product or improper fit. Normally it is the product capacity. The Premium Overnights are one of the highest capacity products available.
  2. I am using pullups during the day but they are not enough for night time use. Does this pull up have a higher absorbancy than most?
    The Tranquility pullups have one of the highest capacities available on todays market. Depending on the size you need, they will hold any where from 20 fluid ounces to 34 fluid ounces. That is between 2 to 4 cups of fluid.
  3. I am currently using a pad during the day but they don’t seem to be enough for overnight use. Will this product help?
    The Tranquility Premium Overnight underwear is a pullup design. This design makes it an easy transition from your normal underwear into a fully enclosed incontinence product. It is so much like normal underwear you won’t notice a difference except you will be dry in the mornings.
  4. I keep having problems with staining and odor due to leaks. Will this product help?
    If your product is leaking overnight, this product often does the trick. To protect your mattress use underpads for additional absorption capacity.
  5. Not sure how much capacity I need for overnight. Will I need anything additional if I use the Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear?
    Some customers like the feeling of added protection. That can mean adding the use of a booster pad within the product and /or adding an underpad to the bedding. Some even add an adult cover-up.
  6. If I only order product in pack size, will I have to pay shipping?
    It's free shipping for the lower 48 states. Sometimes, a product to Hawaii or Alaska is subject to the actual shipping charge involved in the delivery of product.
  7. I am having a difficult time transitioning my parents into using incontinence products. Any suggestions?
    My people have a difficult time accepting the fact that they need incontinence products. Many of the newer products are much like normal underwear - the pullup styles for instance. They pull on and off just like normal underwear. The Tranquility brand has a very high capacity so it can be worn longer, thus less changes.


About Tranquility– Tranquility is manufactured by Principle Business Enterprises. PBE has been in business since 1961. They are dedicated to providing quality, high capacity products with innovative design and high performance.


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