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Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs
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Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs

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Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs (diapers with tabs, overnight/maximum incontinence, urinary and/or bowel)

Overview – Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs

New product with great performance.
This product has all of the Tranquility key features - kufguards, peach mat construction, leg gathers, hook tab closures and latex free - AND it holds 44 fluid ounces! That is 5 and a half cups of fluid. The skin is kept dry, odor reduced and bacteria growth stopped. It gives the wearer an extended wear-time allowing for an uninterrupted sleep. If used for daytime use - allows for longer timespan between changes allowing for longer travel times if needed. It features dual wetness indicators that turn blue when moisture is present. The dual leg guards insure leakage protection. It is designed for both urinary and bowel incontinence.


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Sizing Table

=8 oz.

Size Waist Capacity Qty SKU
Medium 32-44" waist 44 oz 12/package or 48/case 2412
Large 45-58" waist 44 oz 12/package or 48/case 2413
X-Large 56-64" waist 44 oz 12/package or 48/case 2414



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Absorption – This Tranquility product holds a wopping 44 fluid ounces. That's enough for day or night for almost all people. Tranquility uses the C.U.P. testing method, which stands for Capacity Under Pressure. Not only does this product hold 44 fluid ounces (5 and 1/2 cups) but it is tested to hold that much under constant pressure, which sometimes happens with a full bladder loss. It has a peach mat core to trap fluid from the skin and thus prevents bacterial growth. This promotes skin health and odor control.


Fit – Diapers with tabs fit more snug, especially around the legs which is a big help with leakage, especially for people with small legs or a big tummy. There are tabs at the legs and waist. You want it to be snug, but not tight - definitely not loose. A good fit is very important. This product fits most body types with a waist or hip that matches the sizing chart. For more youth or bariatric sizes, try the Tranquility Smartcores


Odor Reduction – The Tranquility Elite Care Disposable brief uses a peach mat core, which is very effective according to customers. It quickly takes in lots of fluid and locks it tight, which neutralizes odor.


Additional Products – The Tranquility Smartcores are great if you need youth or bariatric sizes. Also, you can add booster pads to increase the capacity of what you are using. Cover-ups also sometimes are useful.



Brand of Adult Diaper Tranquility
Type of Incontinence Urinary & Bowel
Who is this for? Men & Women
Comes by the Pack Yes
Reusable or Disposable Disposable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg? Elastic at waist and leg openings
Backing Waterproof cloth-like backing
Type of Odor Control Peach mat core
Does it have Leak Guards Yes
Each Wrapped Individually No
Where is it made USA
Helper Products Booster pads, underpads, cover-ups



Suggestions Alternatives - Style and Also Bowel – There is no alternative with the capacity of the Tranquility Elite Care Disposable briefs. The closest product in the pull on style would be the Tranquility Premium Overnight pull ons. If you are looking for a product for bowel incontinence, an good alternative would be the Tranquility Smartcore Disposable Brief.


Simlar Products Comparison Chart

Product Icon Product Name Absorbency Features Style Who For Fit Color Odor Control Backing (Made of) Price Per Diaper (Medium Case)
Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs icon Tranquility Elite Care Disposable Briefs Heavy to overnight/maximum, urinary and/or bowel Dual leg cuffs, high capacity Diaper with tabs Men, women, youth 32-64" waist White Yes, peach mat core Cloth Like $1.66
McKesson Brief Hook and Loop Tabs Ultra icon McKesson Brief Hook and Loop Tabs Ultra Heavy, Urinary Leg gathers, hook and loop closure Diapers with tabs Men, women, youth 32-66" waist Blue Yes, dual core Cloth Like $.65
Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief icon Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Brief Heavy to overnight/maximum, urinary and/or bowel Dual leg cuffs, high capacity Diaper with tabs Men, women, youth 24-80" waist Blue Yes, peach mat core Cloth Like $1.16

Note that the Tranquility Elites are more expensive than both other products, but they also absorb a whole lot more. Also, the McKesson Briefs don't provide support for bowel incontinence or have near as many features as the two Tranquility products.


Top 7 Questions About This Tranquility Elite Product

  1. Will this product help leakage at night?
    This product is great for leakage at night with it's 44 oz. absorbency. Make sure you get a good fit, and if it's still leaking and you have a good fit then try booster pads. You might also consider bed pads, especially if you are experimenting.
  2. Is this a good bowel incontinence solution?
    This product is ideal for bowel incontinence control, or both urinary and bowel incontinence control. That's one of the main things it's made for.
  3. Is Tranquility a good brand
    Through our customer service people interacting with customers, we have found that tranquility is the best brand on the market. A close second for fecal incontinence is Abena, but it is more expensive.
  4. What's the top 3 products you would recommend if I'm looking for something with a larger waist/hip?
    First, try the Tranquility Smartcores are for bowel incontinence and go up to 80". Also, the Abri-Sans Special - Heavy Fecal Incontinence Pad works with any waist size and holds a wopping 64 fluid ounces. It also works for bowel incontinence. Finally, although it doesn't work for bowel incontinence (only urinary) there is the Tranquility Air-Plus Bariatric Brief (Overnight) that goes up to 106".
  5. How much exactly is 44 fluid ounces?
    It is 5 and one-half cups. To give you an idea of this, the average adult full bladder size is 2 cups.
  6. What is your shipping and delivery inforamtion
    We're always free shipping unless you live outside the continental US. Products usually ship out within 1 business day. Allow 2-5 days for shipping time.
  7. Is the shipping box packaged discretely?
    Products come in a discrete brown box with a small label on it.


About Tranquility– The Tranquility brand products are probably the most absorbent product on the market. They are manufactured by Principle Business Enterprises. PBE uses the newest technology and is constantly improving their products. Tranquility is a top quality product with the highest capacity on the market.


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