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Comfort Care Economy Pull-on package and product image
Comfort Care Economy Pull-on package and product image

Tranquility Comfort Care Economy Pull-ons

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Tranquility Economy Comfort Care Pull-ons - Pull Ups, Daytime/Moderate Absorbency, Urinary

Overview – This product has many of the Tranquility features without the higher cost. Breathable, cloth like adult diapers with leg elastic and a waistband with coloring to show the backside of the underwear. Locks in fluids and odors, polymer filler for absorption.


Click here for a fluid oz, cups, and bladder size comparison chart

Sizing Table

=8 oz.

Small22-36" waist, 80-125 lbs 10.1 oz 25/package or 100/case2974
Medium34-48" waist, 120-175 lbs 13.5 oz 25/package or 100/case2975
Large44-54" waist, 170-210 lbs13.5 oz 25/package or 100/case2976
X-Large48-66" waist 210-250 lbs 13.5 oz 25/package or 100/case2977



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Absorption – This Tranquility product is tested using the C.U.P. method, so it holds the 10.1-13.5 fluid ounces (which is about 2 to 2.5 cups) under high pressure to simulate strong bladder loss. The amount this product absorbs puts it in the moderate or daytime category. It might not be enough for holding a total bladder loss or more, like at night.


Fit – This product has leg elastic and a waistband. All tranquility products are built tough, the elastic is good quality.


Odor Reduction – A polymere filler locks in odor and traps it.


Additional Products – If you are looking for a similar pull up that is heavier, try the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons. Booster pads and Cover-ups are sometimes used.



Brand of Adult DiaperTranquility
Type of IncontinenceUrinary, moderate, daytime
Who is this for?Men, Women, and Youth
Comes by the PackYes
Reusable or DisposableDisposable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg?Elastic at waist and leg openings
Backing Waterproof cloth-like backing
Type of Odor ControlPolymer Filler
Each Wrapped IndividuallyNo
Where is it madeUSA
Helper ProductsBooster pads, cover-ups



Suggestions Alternatives - Style and Also Bowel – The alternative for the Tranquility Comfort Care Economy Class Underwear in the diaper with tabs style would be the Select Disposable Brief. For those needing products for bowel incontinence, an alternative would be the Tena Discreet Protective Underwear.


Simlar Products Comparison Chart

Product IconProduct NameAbsorbencyFeaturesStyleWho ForFitColorOdor ControlBacking (Made of)Price Per Diaper (Medium Case)
Tranquility Comfort Care Economy Class Underwear (Pull-ons) iconTranquility Comfort Care Economy Class Underwear (Pull-ons)Moderate/daytime, urinaryTear away sides, full rise waistband, leg cuffsPull onMen, women, youth22-66" waistWhiteYes, peach mat coreCloth Like$.72
McKesson Protective Underwear UltraModerate, UrinaryLeg cuffsPull-onMen, women, youth25-80" waistWhiteYes, dual performance coreCloth Like$.58
Molicare Mobile Plus iconMolicare Mobile PlusModerate, Urinaryleg cuffs, soft, breathablePull-onMen, women, youth24-59" waistWhiteYes, 3 layer super coreCloth Like$1.20

Note that Comfort Care Economy Pull-ons are more expensive than the McKesson Protective Underwear but they absorb more under pressure and they have some of the Tranquility features that the McKesson product does not have.


Top 6 Questions About This Tranquility Underwear Product

  1. Is this product as good as other Tranquility products?
    The Tranquility Comfort Care Underwear has many of the great features of other Tranquility products for a lot lower price. It simply doesn't absorb as much as other products of the same brand, and it is only good for daytime or moderate incontinence.
  2. Is this a good bowel incontinence solution?
    This product is not made for bowel control.
  3. Is Tranquility a good brand
    Tranquility, in our opinion, is the best brand on the market. This comes from long hours talking to customers and finding out what works.
  4. Will this work as a nighttime solution?
    If you lose 100% of your bladder at a time at night, you may need booster pads to make this a proper nighttime solution.
  5. What is your shipping and delivery options?
    We offer 100% free shipping in the continental united states. Packages are usually shipped within one business day. Please allow 1-2 additional shipping days for the package to arrive.
  6. Is the shipping box packaged discretely?
    Yes, they come in a brown box with a small medical label on it.


About Tranquility– Principle Business Enterprises manufacturers all the Tranquility brand products. They have been bringing you products with the newest technology available for decades. They offer a lower capacity product at an affordable price in the Comfort Care product. You can mix and match products from Tranquility to fit your life style.


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