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Tranquility ATN package case
Tranquility ATN package case

Tranquility ATN Disposable Brief

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Tranquility ATNs (All-Through-the-Nights) - Diapers with Tabs, Overnight/Maximum Incontinence, Urinary

Overview – The Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the Night) Disposable Brief is a maximum capacity brief with tabs. It is designed to give the users an uninterrupted sleep all through the night without needing a product change. They are available in a range of sizes, the larger Tranquility ATNs Disposable Briefs can hold up to a quart of liquid. With the high capacity, the ATN brief should allow for six to eight hours of sleep. This is good for both the user and any caregiver. Remember that it is recommended to change a diaper when wet to protect the skin.


Click here for a fluid oz, cups, and bladder size comparison chart

Sizing Table

=8 oz.

Size    WaistCapacity   QtySKU
X-Small  18-26"  18.5 oz     10/pk or 100/cs2183
Small  24-32"   22.2oz     10/pk or 100/cs2184
Medium  32-44"   27.5oz     12/pk or 96/cs2185
Large  45-58"   33oz     12/pk or 96/cs2186
X-Large  56-64"   34oz     12/pk or 72/cs2187



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Absorption Tranquility tests using the C.U.P. method. This is Capacity Under Pressure. This means the product is tested under a pressurized flow not the soaking method. This type of testing simulates how fluid is released from your body. The peach mat core wicks any fluid quickly, keeping you dry. There are dual leg cuffs for leakage protection. There is an inner and outer cuff, with the inner cuff directing any fluids back towards the core. Depending on size required, these briefs will hold between 18.5 fluid ounces to 34 fluid ounces in the larger sizes.


FitBriefs with tabs allow for more adjustments to get the proper fit. The tabs are located at the leg and waist openings. The tabs can be repositioned to be more snug or loose. For best results, you want a snug fit, not tight but certainly not loose. Most leakage takes place in the leg openings. With a good fit and the dual cuffs Tranquility helps eliminate that. The key to leakage control is FIT. The product must fit you properly. With the tabs you can adjust where needed for a proper fit thus eliminating the chance of leaking. The Tranquility ATN is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most body types.


Odor Reduction – The Tranquility ATN brief has odor reduction through the use of the peach mat core. This core absorbs the fluids so quickly there is no chance of odor. By absorbing the fluids so quick, this neutralizes the pH, which is the odor in the urine.


Additional Products – Many add booster pads to add to the capacity of the Tranquility ATN Briefs for just that little added protection and peace of mind. If you prefer the pullup style, there is the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-On Underwear.



Brand of Adult DiaperTranquility
Type of IncontinenceUrinary
Who is this for?Men, Women, and Youth
Sizes AvailableX-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Absorbency by sizeFrom 18.5 oz. to 34oz.
Comes by the PackYes
Reusable or DisposableDisposable
Material around Waist, Hip, Leg?Waist is flat and gathers at the leg openings
Backing Waterproof cloth-like backing
Type of Odor ControlPeach mat core
Does it have Leak GuardsYes
Each Wrapped IndividuallyNo
Where is it madeUSA
Alternative ProductsTranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons
Helper ProductsBooster pads, underpads



Suggestions Alternatives - Style and Also Bowel – If you prefer the popular pull on style, the Tranquility Premium Overnight pull up is the alternative for this product. Niether of these products are rated for bowel incontinence. If you need product for bowel incontinence, try the Tranquility SmartCore or Elite Care briefs. These are rated for bowel incontinence and give you the high capacity the Tranquility brand is know for.


Simlar Products Comparison Chart

Product IconProduct NameAbsorbencyFeaturesStyleWho ForFitColorOdor ControlBacking (Made of)Price Per Diaper (Medium Case)
Tranquility ATN Disposable Brief iconTranquility ATN Disposable BriefOvernight/maximum, urinaryDual leg cuffs, peach mat core, refastenable tabs Diaper with tabsMen, women, youth18-64" waistWhiteYes with peach mat coreCloth Like$.95
Wings Choice Plus Adult Brief iconWings Choice Plus Adult BriefHeavy, UrinaryLeg gathers, contour fit, adjustable tabsDiaper with tabsMen, women, youth20-64" waistWhiteYes, polymer linerPoly backing$.53
Dignity P.M. Overnight Adult Fitted Brief iconDignity P.M. Overnight Adult Fitted BriefOvernight/maximum, UrinaryInner cuff system, hypoallergenic, 3 layer coreDiaper with tabsMen, women, youth32-68" waistWhiteYes, 3 layer coreCloth Like$1.05

Note that the Tranquility ATNs are more expensive than the Wings Choice Plus but they absorb a lot more and have more features. The Dignity P.M.s are really good too, and they go to a little bigger waist size, but they are a little more expensive than the ATNs.


Top 7 Questions About the Tranquility ATN

  1. I just want to try the ATNs and order it by the package. Will there be a shipping charge?
    Shipping is free for the lower 48 states. For orders going to Alaska and Hawaii, you would be charged only the actual shipping charges themselves.
  2. Why would this brief with tabs be better than a pullup?
    The style of product you use is mostly personal preference. However, there are some things to consider. With a brief with tabs you have the ability to make more adjustments for a better fit. With the briefs you do not need to get almost completely undressed to put a clean product on.
  3. Are these better than the ones I get at the local big box store?
    Depending on your needs, the Tranquility brand is one of the best set of products on the market for incontinence. The brand itself covers both urinary and fecal incontinence, along with moderate to heavy capacity needs themselves. The products from the local stores are great if they meet your requirements and needs. For a lot of people, this isn’t the case and they need a better product.
  4. I currently use this product and occasionally with wake up wet. Is there anything I can do?
    You can increase your incontinence product’s capacity by adding a booster pad inside. These pads do not have a barrier lining which allows the product to absorb its capacity first and then allow any additional to flow thru onto the actual incontinence product. Most of the booster pads will add anywhere from 4 ounces to 8 ounces to the capacity.
  5. I am trying this product for the first time, should I order a case or are they available by the package?
    We recommend when trying a product for the first time, you but the smallest unit of measure, which is normally a package. Most of our products, including the Tranquility ATN, are available by both pack and case just for this reason.
  6. I currently use a different product for daytime use, but it is not enough for my night time use. I am experiencing wetness in the mornings. What can I do?
    The product you are using for daytime use is working for you. Night time is another story. You are more relaxed and hopefully asleep. You generally have a higher output during the night time because of this. You need a higher capacity product. The Tranquility brand is one of the highest capacity set of products on the market.
  7. I have tried the largest size you show for this product and it is not large enough for me. Is the anything larger?
    Tranquility also has the bariatric briefs that will go up to 106” waist. They are only available in the brief with tabs style. They have all of the Tranquility high capacity qualities from the peach mat core to the dual leg cuffs.


About Tranquility– Principle Business Enterprises is the manufacturer of the Tranquility brand. PBE has been dedicated to making products available for those with incontinence needs for decades. They are constantly looking for new, innovative technology to improve the capacity of their products along with making them affordable.


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