“My diaper leaks” – the most common complaint about incontinence. If the product does not fit your form, it is going to leak. The first step to obtaining a proper fit is by taking your measurements. Most products only take 2 measurements (waist and hip), but some take 4 – the waist, hip rise, and thigh measurements. We will cover all this below, see the big numbers "#1, #2, #3, #4". You use those against the measurement table for a product, just using the ones of the four that that chart calls for.

Let’s cover them, all 4 of them.

You may not need all the measurements for each product but if you are measuring, you might as well get them all. The hip measurement helps the waist measurement, and the thigh measurement is useful for the swimwear. The waist measurement is a MUST.

#1 For your waist – measure around yourself at the bellybutton.

Waist measurement picture

Do NOT use your pant size. Most people do not wear their pants at their waist. They are normally worn below your natural waist. If you get the wrong size in the waist, it will be an uncomfortable fit. Depending on your body form, the product may be too large or too small. By getting the proper measurement at the proper place you can obtain the best possible fit. These products are going to rest at your waistline.

#2 For your hip – measure around yourself at the widest part. Let’s look at this:

Hip measurement picture

You will need this for a proper fit. You definitely do not want any gaps when it comes to the fit of incontinence products. Nor do you want the product to wrap around you twice.

#3 Thigh measurement - this is sometimes needed if you have a small or larger than the normal thigh. Let’s look at this:

Thigh measurement picture

Take your thigh measurement at your thigh and parallel to the ground. The thigh measurement is used for the swimwear. You need a snug fit at the thigh to prevent any accidents in the water.


Take a moment and take your measurements.

Now that you have this information you can find the correct size for your body.

For example, take the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons (example Pull Up)

Rise measurement picture

Here is their sizing table from our product page:

Sizing chart screenshot

Use your measurements for the waist and hips (see table 1 above – pull-ups only need waist and hips)

Always go with your waist measurement on the table unless your hips are at least 10 inches bigger than your waist. If this is the case, then go up one size.

Match your waist size against the blue and white striped sizing table above. This will give you the best possible fit. If you’re coming in from a different brand, note that each brand has a different waist-size system.

For example, say your waist is 36” and your hips are 38”. You would look at the blue and white striped sizing table above and see that the blue stripe, which says medium, has a range of 34-48”. This means this is your row. You are a medium size for this product. Remember, medium size in one product does not mean you are a medium in other brands.

Using your waist and hips measurements in this way is the same for:

• Pull-ups
• Diapers with tabs
• Youth diapers
• Plus-sized diapers
• Adult cloth diapers

Diapers with tabs, normal hips, and wide hips

Let’s do another example where you only need waist and hip measurements and that’s it. We’ll also address wide hips. The waist measurement is the first step. Your hip measurement is needed just to make sure it will fit your hips without any gaps. You want a snug fit at both the leg and waist openings. Leakage can occur if you do not have a snug fit, especially at the leg openings. Always check the product sizing chart.

For example, take the New Tena Classic Plus Briefs

Tena Brief Image

Here is their sizing table from our product page:

Sizing chart screenshot

If you haven't yet, take your measurements for waist and hips (Table 1 above says that diapers with tabs only need waist and hips) and match it again with the blue and white striped sizing table above.

Say you are a waist 51” and a hip 53”. Then in this product, you fit a large, blue strip that says 48-59” in the blue and white striped sizing table above.

Wide Hips: Say you are a 51” waist and 63” hips (12” apart). Then, you would go with an XL instead of the large. Just go one size up if your hips are greater than 10" larger than your waist.

Again, it is the same for

• Pull-ups
• Diapers with tabs
• Youth diapers
• Plus-sized diapers
• Adult cloth diapers.

We wanted to give you one more example when all you need to measure is the waist and hips, now let’s move on to different measurements.

Women’s Underwear - Waist, hips, thighs

Take for example the Wearever Women’s floral panty:

Floral incontinence panty image

Here’s the sizing table:

Floral table screenshot

For this product,

You will need the measurement of the person’s waist, hips, and thighs (See table 1 above). Sometimes, as in this case, you don’t need everything, say you are a size 7 and a 39” waist. You are then a Medium in the above table.

Just read your sizing table and whatever information they ask for, you use those measurements.

It is the same for

• women’s incontinence underwear
• men’s incontinence underwear
• adult diaper covers

Finally, here’s an example of an adult swim diaper. What measurements are needed varies among different swim diapers? On average, you measure, the waist, hips, rise, and thighs (See table 1 above).

Let’s take the SoSecure swim diaper, for example:

SoSecure Swim Diaper product image

Here’s the sizing table:

SoSecure Swim Diaper product image

In this case, there are no thigh measurements in the table so you don’t use that measurement. Using your waist, hips, and rise, you select your size. Tables like the above are pretty easy. You will be able to find the right product in the correct size.

Let’s look at another swim diaper example. Remember, on average you need the waist, hips, rise, and thighs to measure for a swim diaper. Let’s look at the Pool Pal, which makes many adult and youth swim diapers: SoSecure Swim Diaper product image


Here's their measurements table:

SoSecure Swim Diaper product image

We see the waist and leg measurements, so you just use them. Very simple.

If you have any questions on a product, please give us a call at 866-559-0353 and have your measurements handy. That is generally the first question you will be asked. We understand each body has its own form and we want to help you find a product to fit that form. Fit is the whole key to leakage control.

We hope you enjoy sizing. Feel free to ask our nurse a question, email us, or fill out the form below with any kind of question or comment you want.

question mark

My 23 y/o son is 100% in total care. He uses Covidien wings plus quilted Adult briefs in the medium. His waist is 32”, hips 38”. According to the charts he is using the correct size. We also use liners. His diapers leak daily. When the diaper is on so the tapes are at his sides, there is very little padding from the diaper in the front. How do I account for him being long-waisted? The large diapers are huge in him

the word response

Perhaps you may need to upgrade to a higher capacity product. His output is higher than the capacity of both the liner and the diaper. In the brief with tab style, there are a few products by Tranquility that will have a higher capacity. The Tranquility ATN will hold 27 flounces, the Tranquility Smartcore will hold 28 fluid ounces and the Tranquility Elite Care will hold 44 fluid ounces. You may consider using either the Smartcore or ATN during the day and the Elite Care for night time use. Here are the site links

Tranquility Smartcores
Tranquility ATNs

He would fit into a size medium I believe. Take a look, if you have any questions, please let us know.