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Feeling housebound shouldn’t a part of managing incontinence. One key tip to helping you get yourself or your loved one back out in the world is to pack yourself an “on-the-go” bag. You will likely start with more in it than you need, but over you time you will be able to narrow it down to the essentials for your situation.

Some basic supplies that you should consider including are a change of clothing, spare incontinence products, disposable wipes, disposable gloves, an odor eliminator, rash ointment, and plastic bags for disposing of used products or for transporting soiled clothing home. Travel-size versions of many products are available to reduce the bulk in your bag.

Make sure to take several changes to the incontinence products that you routinely use and make planned stops to change them frequently. Both travel totes and backpacks make great options for a to-go bag. Choose something that is comfortable to carry and large enough to accommodate all of your needs for a typical outing.

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