incontinence products for active lives

Unfortunately, many people go through a stage in their incontinence where they feel “housebound”. They are afraid of an accident. Here is how to get over that and get back out to enjoy yourself by preparing for incontinence on the go. Pack yourself an “on the go” bag. It can contain as much or as little as you are comfortable with. The bag should contain enough supplies for the “worst-case“ event. As you get more experienced with your needs, you can add or subtract things in your bag. It is always better to be prepared than to be missing something.

You may want to include in your bag a change of clothing, something basic that would go with just about everything. This way, if there is an accident, you can get home unnoticed. Unless it is the middle of winter, you probably want something lightweight and easy to carry around. Some people use sweats or scrubs as they are lightweight and comfortable and don’t show wrinkles. Solid colors are best, don’t use prints or patterns. Remember you want to look like you left home in what you have on.

You will also need to add basic supplies. You will want at least one, if not two, of your incontinence products (pull-ups or briefs with tabs). Also, include any of the cleanup products you use for hygiene. Make sure to use the travel size of those products. You probably don’t need a large container of wipes; a small travel size would do. Many of our wipes come in a smaller size, the McKesson Bath Wipes come in a smaller 50/soft pack version for under $10. You may also want to include a small tube of ointment for skin protection. The Thera Body Shield is available in the 4-ounce size. If you use gloves, put a few into a plastic bag, do not try to carry around a box. You may also want to include a small 1-ounce bottle of odor eliminator spray like the Carra Scent Odor Eliminator.

Sit down and make a list of items you feel would be useful, from wipes to plastic bags. Here is a partial list.

Gather all the items together to see how big a travel bag you will need. Pack it and see if you can eliminate any of the heavier stuff. Your goal is to have a lightweight small bag with just the essentials for a few hours. If you don’t normally need it, you probably can eliminate it. You don’t want a suitcase full to drag around behind you.

Now pack that bag and get ready to go out and enjoy your life again. You have everything you need “just in case”. Have fun.


For further questions on one-the-go use, or anything else, feel free to ask our nurse a question or leave any form of comment or question below for customer service.

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