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By Nancy Weikel RN

Here are some basic tips in deciding which product will best suit your incontinence needs along with things to consider to prevent leakage. There are many different forms of incontinence and I am going to address how to manage each type with our most popular products. I recommend purchasing small packs initially to make sure the products are a good fit and size. Then when you have determined the best products for your needs, purchase by the case for the economy. Comfort is of the utmost importance along with controlling the leakage. I suggest carrying a small pack of wipes when away from home to help with easy personal hygiene.

Our most popular products for managing incontinence at night is the Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear and the Tranquility ATN (All-Through-The-Night) Disposable Brief. Both of these diapers hold up to a quart of liquid and wick the moisture away from the skin, which is very important for overnight incontinence. Tab diapers are best for a bedridden person. If the leakage continues due to the volume of urine, a booster pad can be added to the diaper. For men in particular, a male urine pad made for the penis can be added to prevent leakage out the legs.

Daytime management of incontinence will depend on the availability of the bathroom. If you are home and around a bathroom, a less expensive diaper or even a men's or woman's pad will work as long as you have the necessary absorbency to prevent leakage. When you are away from home running errands, working, or visiting friends and family then you will need to use a more absorbent product. It is also important to find a product with good cuffs around the legs to prevent leakage.

This type of incontinence can be tougher to manage but we have a couple of very popular products for this issue. I recommend carrying a small pack of disposablewet wipes and a plastic bag with you are away from your home to help with hygiene and discretion. Containment, to prevent leakage, and the ability to change as needed is important for your own peace of mind.

If your urine leakage is more moderate, a light diaper or heavier pad will work during the daytime and you can go with a more absorbent product during the nighttime. Some pads even have cuffs to prevent leakage.

A strategy that works for many people is to combine a diaper with a booster pad. The booster pad adds extra absorbency. Since it does not have a barrier layer it holds urine but allows the excess to travel through to the diaper. Booster pads help prevent leakage and add extra absorbency to the diaper.

Excess weight on our bladder has a tendency to weaken it and make it impossible to prevent leakage. There are diapers and pads made specifically to help people with plus-size needs. We even offer a reusable diaper that has extenders for the waist to increase the ability to fit the larger waist size.

This can be easily managed by choosing the product style that is most comfortable. There are pads made specifically for women or men and are easy to change discretely. There are reusable panties and briefs that have built-in padding. There are also very lightweight pull-up diapers.

We carry reusable panties and disposable pull-on diapers made specifically for women and may have a more comfortable feel than a unisex diaper. Again, comfort and management are the goals for anyone using incontinence products. A booster pad can add absorbency to any product.

There are pads and reusable briefs that are great for dribblers and more absorbent diapers made just for men. These products were designed to help men feel comfortable while controlling their urine leakage. The padding is added where men need it most.

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