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General Information

Should I get disposables or reusables?

It depends. Reusables save money long term, but they are an initial up-front cost. See our Why Are Adult Cloth Diapers Better article for more info. With the reusables, the purchase lasts a long time. If you do the math, the reusables cost a lot less long term because of this.

Another thing to consider when deciding is that disposables sometimes can give you a better fit or give you more absorbency than reusables. You can always add a reusable booster pad for more absorbency, but some people find that reusables just won’t do the full job. Many times they will, but not always. I would call and talk to customer service at 866-559-0353 if you are thinking this might be the case for you.

One more thing to consider is using a reusable at some times and using a disposable at others. This can cut down on long-term costs. Many people spend a ton on adult diapers because they are fully incontinent, and any reusables they can add in for even part of the time can cut back on costs immensely.

Note that reusables usually do not work for major bowel incontinence or dramatic sizes.

What do you have for older children or teens?

We have a ton to offer for older children or teens that are having trouble with potty training lasting too long, or for special needs. There’s a whole section here that covers these sizes and products, and if you search through there, you will find there are products at any size you need for this. There are products of many types there. We specialize in youth products.

What do you have for plus sizes?

We have a whole plus-size section here, with products that go up over 100” around the waist. Search around there and you should find what you need. There’s a lot of choices there.

What do I do on the go?

For on-the-go, usually, you want a pull-up or brief that is not too bulky that will do the job, a carrying bag, a plastic bag to put the soiled diaper in, some wipes, an odor eliminator, and some gloves. Make your to-go bag and feel freer about going out in public. For more help doing this, see our article on the topic Incontinence On The Go.

Do you have swimwear that can help me?

We have several choices of adult and youth swimwear that you can use for getting back in the pool with bowel incontinence. Most swimwear is solely for bowel incontinence, though the SoSecure can sometimes protect against slight urination. We have many sizes and several choices. Perhaps the best is that SoSecure and also the Pool Pal reusable for adults or youth, which doesn’t look robust but is designed very carefully and robustly to work well in the pool.

What products do you have that will help me keep my dignity?

This depends on what your concern is. There are a few things you can do. For women with light to moderate incontinence, you can try a panty-type product found here, full of lace and the look a woman would love. For a man, try the underwear with a functional fly if you have light to moderate incontinence. If you have full (heavy or overnight) incontinence, try wearing a pull-up first. These are more like regular underwear and thus people tend to feel better about them.

There are a lot of options for light to moderate incontinence. Heavy or overnight is tougher. If you have fuller incontinence, try using a pull-up such as the Tranquility Premium Pull-Ons and look up Kegel exercises on the internet or YouTube to get your incontinence level down, there are answers, and you should not feel bad for your condition. Try talking with someone you love as well to feel better about using these products. Millions of people use them every day. You are not alone.


I got these adult diapers at the department store and I leak badly, what can I do?

This is one of the most common phone calls we get at customer service, a person has heavy or overnight incontinence and they try to treat it with the inexpensive adult diapers from the local department store. They call us up because it’s leaking, many times badly.

The solution is to use a good incontinence product. You often get what you pay for with these products as long as you pick the right brand. Try a Tranquility product for the biggest bang for your buck or even a Select product, which is Tranquility’s economy series. Most of all, buy something that will really work. There are many solutions, but none of them will be at your local store and they all will cost a little more, but it will be worth it. Also, you won’t go through so many changes if you get the right product. The great part is, if you get the right fit it won’t leak! That’s what we try to help you with.

Pick your level of incontinence here and see what your good solutions are for the best results. Going with the cheapest option doesn’t always work with adult diapers, but there are always ways to save money.

I’m leaking, how do I get it to stop?

Make sure it fits right first. See our sizing guide to see that you got the right fit for your product. If it fits right, and it is a good product at your incontinence level, then you may need to add a booster pad, especially at night. Try adding reusable underpads if your bed is getting wet. They tend to bunch up less than disposable underpads and can be rewashed.

Also, try a better product with more absorbency, and if that does not work, try adding booster pads to that product. Sometimes it takes a person two or three different trial packs of products and some booster pads to find a solution. Don’t order a full case until you find something that works.

Some people also add a cover-up for security. Finally, check with your doctor on lifestyle changes you can make to keep the incontinence down, like not drinking too much caffeine or alcohol. You can also look up Kegel exercises on the internet or YouTube to get your incontinence level more under control with patience and exercises each day.

I leak at night, what is everything I can try?

First, make sure the product fits right (see our sizing article here) and is a product labeled at or above your level of absorbency. Then you can try adding booster pads, maybe a cover-up, and probably reusable underpads for the bed. If you are unsure of what product to try, many people love these Tranquility Premium Pull-Ons, though even with them there is sometimes a need for booster pads. Try the Stackables for one good product. Some products get up to sixteen additional fluid ounces of containment. The average full bladder holds sixteen fluid ounces of fluid, so these booster pads really boost things.

Finally, if you just can’t get it, call our customer service department and see if they can help at 866-559-0353. That’s what we’re here for.

I leak through the legs, what can I do?

Make sure you’ve got the right size! See our sizing article here. If that doesn’t work try a different product. Try this Tranquility product or this Prevail product. Both have extra leg elastic. If none of that works, try adding these stackable booster pads and positioning them near the leg openings where it leaks.

Finally, if nothing else works, try calling our customer service department for detailed help at 866-559-0353.

My bedding keeps getting ruined by leakage, can you help?

Many times, yes. First, make sure that your product fits correctly. To know more, see this sizing article. Secondly, make sure you have a quality product. If you’re having trouble at night, usually you have an “Overnight” level of incontinence. If you are using a product rated for overnight incontinence that is good quality, you can try a different product or add booster pads and reusable underpads. Try this Tranquility product if you are unsure of your product.

If you know your product fits, is rated for overnight incontinence, and is good quality, try adding booster pads such as the Dignity Extra Duty Doubler Pads or these Dignity Stackables. You can add 16 fluid ounces of containment to your incontinence product with these.

Finally, add reusable underpads and perhaps a cover-up. Reusable underpads don’t bunch up as easily as disposable underpads and can be re-washed for reuse. They can really save the bedding against accidents.

Some people add cover-ups, found here, for additional security. Finally, if you are having trouble after all that (or if you just need help) call our customer service department, which is knowledgeable and happy to help, at 866-559-0353.

How to Get Help

How do I contact you for help?

You can email us, email our nurse on staff, call us at 866-559-0353, or leave a question at the form on any article page.

Do you have a nurse on staff that can help me?

Yes, go to this page and email her.

How can your auto-reorder help me?

Auto-reorders are for customers who need to purchase more than once that want convenience. You choose what you order. You choose when you want it delivered. You choose the interval between deliveries. We deliver your product or products to your door at the intervals you choose. Your price never goes up on the products delivered for one full year. It’s really easy and convenient. Go to this page to learn more and sign up. You can also email us or call us to sign up at 866-559-0353.

How to use this site

How do I choose the right product?

We have a whole guide on this, How to Choose the Right Incontinence Product. To summarize, make sure it fits right (see our Sizing Guide), get the right level of incontinence, buy a quality product, and buy any peripheral products that you will need to go with it. See the article to learn more.

How do I find the right size of a product?

See our complete Sizing Guide here.

How do your absorbency ratings work?

Our absorbency ratings are based on how much liquid you output in a single bladder loss. The How to Choose the Right Incontinence Product article covers it in-depth, but let’s discuss it here as well:

Light absorbency: 0-4 fluid ounces of liquid loss at one time (see this fluid ounce to bladder to cup size comparison chart to get an idea of how much this is) Moderate Absorbency: 4-10 fluid ounces of loss at one time Heavy Absorbency: Up to 16 fluid ounces of fluid loss (full bladder loss) at one time. Overnight Absorbency: Full bladder loss at night. Bowel Incontinence: Any bowel loss

Find your level of incontinence and choose a product that works for your needs. All products on this site say what level of incontinence they are for, and you can navigate through the different products with different levels on this page.

What’s the difference between a diaper with tabs (brief) and a pull-up?

A pull-up is the most common adult diaper since they are most like normal underwear. They pull-up just like normal underwear. You have to take your clothes off to change them, and they do not get quite as snug as a brief with tabs. They often tear off (tear-away sides) when you are done with them.

A brief with tabs closes with tabs on the sides like a baby diaper with tabs does. This means that you can get a little snugger fit, and you can change them without taking your clothes off. Also, if you have bowel incontinence, you’ll usually be using a brief with tabs.

Do I buy a case or a pack at first?

Definitely start with a pack. You don’t know if the product will fit or work right at first. Buy a pack and test it out. Once you know you have a product that will work, then buy a case to save money per diaper.

Best Adult Diapers

What are your best adult diapers?

We have a top-rating guide for this, The Best 10 Adult Diapers that discusses, based on research and personal interviews, what works best for people.

Why is Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons rated your best adult diaper?

This is rated as our Best Adult Diaper mainly because of personal interviews and what we’ve found through customer service. Many, many people have trouble with leakage, and what’s come up over and over is that if they switch to this product, they find it fits well and absorbs well no matter what their needs. It’s often the best solution we can provide on up to nighttime incontinence. People have also said it is very comfortable and that they didn’t have to change it as much. It is truly most often the best solution and thus is rated #1.

What brands are the best?

Tranquility, we’ve found is the best. Other good brands are Prevail and Tena. Abena is good if you can spend the money. Select is a good economy brand.

What are the best puppy pads?

We have a puppy pads section here. Puppies go incontinent too, check it out. We care about our puppy customers. A couple of the best pads are Dura-Last Ibex Underpads and Maxicare Disposable Underpad.

Cost & Payment

Why won’t a cheap product work for leakage?

Unfortunately, you often get what you pay for with Adult Diapers, and if you have really heavy leakage, often the cheapest product just doesn’t work. Select if sometimes a brand you can try, as it is an economy brand with pretty good absorption, but if you have heavy or overnight incontinence, often you have to go with a Tranquility or Prevail product. There’s just no other way to get the absorbency that it takes to deal with these issues. Cheap products often don’t work, or more often they work partially and leak.

What’s the best cheap adult diaper?

Try The Select Disposable Underwear for Heavy incontinence. Also, try the Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs. Some of the Prevail products work well and are not expensive, like the Prevail Extra Protective Underwear. The McKesson Protective Underwear Ultra and the McKesson Ultra Tab Closure Brief are good for a budget. Some of these will take booster pads if you want to use them at night. As you may know, the cheapest incontinence products are not always high absorbency.

Do you take Insurance?

Insurance usually will not cover incontinence products. Check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you, a few will. If so, then you can order and get it paid for later.

What payment methods do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Check, Money Order, and e-check. Payments made by e-check, check, or money order must be cleared before we ship out your product. All other payment methods get the product shipped out right away.


What do you recommend for light incontinence?

Try our light incontinence section here.

What do you recommend for moderate incontinence?

Try our moderate incontinence section here.

What do you recommend for bowel incontinence?

Try our bowel incontinence section here.

What do you recommend for people with dementia?

Try either a product that looks like normal underwear or panties if you can. These will be torn off less since they will look like what the person is used to. If it’s full incontinence, you may have to use a pull-up. See our Alzheimer's and Incontinence article for more help.

What products do you have that are discrete and quiet? Anything that says cloth-like or poly backing will not make rustling noises like plastic backing products do. Also, get something that is bulky enough to work but not so padded that it shows through clothing. If you’re really concerned, try a small pack of a couple of things and see if they work.

I have a brace and cords, what product will work for me?

Many times, this calls for a belted undergarment. See this section to try them out. They are a belt with a pad that often gets around braces and cords.

Helper Products

How can adult diaper booster pads help me?

Booster pads add capacity to your existing product, often by a lot. Our booster pad section is here. Try one of the Dignity products for the biggest bang for your buck. Some add up to sixteen fluid ounces to your product, which is very significant. If you are leaking, first see our Sizing Guide to make sure you are getting the proper fit and that you are using a quality product

How can adult diaper covers help me?

Some people find extra security by using a cover-up. See this section to see your choices. The Vinyl Pull-On Pants are very popular, as well as the Sani Pants. Covers are usually not necessary, but some people prefer them.

What additional incontinence products and supplies might I need to use?

We recommend some wipes to help clean up, perhaps some gloves, and if the odor is an issue use an odor eliminator. If your skin is getting chaffed, try a skin cream.

My skin gets irritated, what do I do? We have skin creams and ointments that can help this. See this section or try Remedy Skin Care Cream.

I have trouble with odor, what do I do?

Try an odor eliminator in this section or just try the Carra Scent Odor Eliminator. They are made to absorb, not cover up odors. They can be very effective.

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