Each September we celebrate Healthy Aging all month long. The holiday season is just around the corner so we want to take this time to reflect on all of the wonderful qualities that come with the golden years. During this season of life, it is more important than ever to focus on maintaining the quality of our health. Here are a few of our favorite tips for improving the quality of your days.
Incorporate more movement into your routine. Find activities that you truly enjoy, whether that’s a stroll around your neighborhood, a water aerobics class at your local rec center, or dancing with your grandchildren in the living room. Building movement into your daily habits will help you thrive.

Eat intentionally. Good nutrition will help your body feel it’s best and function better. Don’t allow the temptations of junk foods and empty snacks to take the place of quality, healthy meals. Assess any health concerns you are managing and learn the best ways of eating to support your best health possible.

Find ways to socialize. Loneliness can cause the days to blur together and rob the meaning from of life. Have tea with a friend, visit a relative, or take advantage of technology to reach out and connect with new groups of people across the globe.

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