Next to skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer to affect women. There are several ways to take preventative measures for your health.

breast cancer awareness Know your risk factors. There are both genetic and environmental factors that can influence your individual situation. Genetic factors cannot be changed, including gender, age, race, reproductive history, and family history. Environmental and lifestyle factors, which are avoidable/manageable, include lack of physical activity, obesity, alcohol consumption, poor diet, radiation, and hormone replacement therapy.

Early detection is directly linked to better outcomes. Women of all ages are recommended to perform regular self-exams to increase familiarity and self-detect physical changes. Report any symptoms of pain, discomfort, or tenderness in the breast or underarm area to your care provider. Mammograms can test for any suspicious areas and help your care provider decide if further follow-up is warranted.

Make sure to ask your care provider any questions or concerns you may have regarding your individual risk and how best you can improve your overall preventative health.

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