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Customer Service almost sounds like a broken record sometimes. The same problem seems to always pop up. That is, people with full incontinence are leaking due to inferior products. We are talking about full, heavy, or overnight incontinence. To find out what level of incontinence you are, see our Level of Protection Article.

The reason customer service sounds like a broken record is because there is one product, though it costs $25 for a pack and $78 for a case, that will solve all leakage problems most of the time. The Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Pull-Ons. Since it is more money, we have people do the really tough one - weigh – spending more money or leakage, which does a person prefer? If they absolutely can't do the Tranquilities we just do our best with the less featured products. 

We always can give anything a try. But this article goes down the path of where a person has tried the discount items and they are not working. This article goes down the path many do, maybe they've called customer service, and they've decided to try a pack of Tranquility Premiums for $25. People in the end usually find a way to go with a liveable solution. 

Why is this such a big solution? We've covered much of it below...

Features of the Tranquility Premiums that make them a good first try almost always:

  • If you pay less than what the Tranquilities cost, you often get inferior products with fewer features. These 'value' products are not as full sometimes for leakage with full incontinence, though sometimes yes there is something cheaper, especially for moderate incontinence.
  • The Tranquilities are tested at high pressure for so much absorbency that you don’t have to worry about overdoing their capacity. It varies in size, but the capacity is far greater than the 16 oz full human bladder size
  • The tranquilities are extremely comfortable, one of the top-rated for comfort.
  • Easy to change like normal underwear
  • Fit snugly with padding on all sides. Elastic waistband. Compact.
  • Highly rated overall
  • Time tested good solutions for hundreds, even thousands of people that have called customer service. We still talk to them and they are doing great.

If you are suffering and experiencing leakage, and if you have full urinary incontinence, you now know more and have choices. When you find the product for you, measure your waist and hip at the widest point and use the biggest of the two with the tables on that product page. 

You deserve to be comfortable with a good solution. You can try a pack if you can’t afford a case, and it is often best to start with a small package for trial anyway.

In summary, if you have to, do what you can to try out everything you can. If that does not work, try the time-tested Tranquility Premiums for the comfort, absorbency, fit, and features it takes to have a solution for full incontinence.

The iDiaper Team

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