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“My diaper leaks.” This is the most common complaint reported about incontinence. If the product does not fit your form, it is inevitably going to leak. The first step to obtaining a proper fit is to take your measurements. Most products only take 2 measurements (waist and hip), but some take 4 measurements (waist, hip, thigh, and rise). We will cover each of these below in detail. You can also jump down to each specific measurement as needed. #1 Waist, #2 Hip, #3 Thigh, #4 Rise. Compare your measurements to the product sizing table. We have 3 product styles with examples to walk you through this process: Pull-Ups, Briefs with Tabs, and a Swim Diapers.

#1 WAIST – Measure around yourself at the natural waist which crosses the belly button for most people. Do NOT use your pant size. Most people do not wear their pants at their natural waist. By getting the proper measurement at the proper place you can obtain the best possible fit with the product resting at your waistline.

adult diaper sizes waist measurement

#2 HIP – Measure around yourself at the widest part across your hip. This is usually midway between the start of the thigh and the belly button.

adult diaper sizes hips measurement

#3 THIGH - Some products require a thigh measurement to obtain the best fit. This is particularly helpful if your thigh is smaller or larger than the average-sized thigh. Take your thigh measurement at your thigh and parallel to the ground. The thigh measurement is especially important for incontinence swimwear.

adult diaper sizes thigh measurement

#4 RISE – Occasionally a product requires the rise measurement to determine the best fit. The rise is the height from 1" below the belly button, between the legs, and to the matching position position on the back.

adult diaper sizes rise measurement


Example: Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear
After you have your waist and hip measurements, use the larger of the two and apply that to the product’s sizing chart shown below. Sizing is not standardized for incontinence products, so it’s very important to look at the size chart the manufacturer provides for their products.

adult diaper sizes pull-up example

Briefs with Tabs
Example: Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Brief
This product also only requires waist and hip measurements. You want a snug fit at both the leg and waist openings. Leakage can occur if you do not have a snug fit. Check the sizing chart to ensure the best fit possible

adult diaper sizes briefs with tabs example

Swim Diaper
Example: Pool Pal Adult Reusable Swim Diaper
Finally, here’s an example of an adult swim diaper. In this case, you need your waist and thigh measurements. Using the table provided you will be able to find the right product in the correct size.

adult diaper sizes swim diaper example

If you have any questions on a product, please give us a call at 866-559-0353 and have your measurements handy. That is generally the first question you will be asked. We understand each body has its own form and we want to help you find a product to fit that form.

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