“I’m experiencing leaks.”

The most common complaint reported with incontinence management is leakage. If the product does not fit your form well, leaks are likely to occur. The first step to obtaining a proper fit is to take measurements. Most products only take two measurements (waist and hip). Then compare your measurements to the product sizing table provided by the manufacturer. In most cases you will want the size product that corresponds with the larger of your waist or hip sizes.

Measure around your natural waist, which crosses the belly button for most people. Do NOT use your pant size. Most people do not wear their pants at the natural waist and clothing manufacturers are inconsistent with sizing.

Measure around yourself at the widest part across your hips. This is usually midway between the start of the thigh and the belly button. Try not to overestimate by measuring across the top of bulky clothing.

For More Help
There are some specialty products that require thigh and/or rise measurements as well other information. For more help check out our complete guide on this topic "How to Measure for Accurate Sizing".

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Date 9/16/2022

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