Understanding absorbency levels is one of the keys to selecting the right product for your or your loved one’s needs. Each manufacturer has its own rating system, but the most common terms utilized are light, moderate, heavy, and overnight. As with all of our products, if you have any questions about what is right for you please feel free to contact our amazing customer service.

Light Absorbency
A light absorbency product such as McKesson Light Absorbency Brief is intended to be a lightweight product for occasional or mild incontinence. They can be changed frequently and are lower profile underneath garments.

Moderate Absorbency
A moderate absorbency product provides more protection than light ones without adding significant amounts of bulk. For example the Per-Fit Protective Underwear are one of our most popular for balance between comfort and protection

Per-Fit Protective Underwear

Heavy Absorbency
A heavy absorbency product is going to be one of the most absorbent options within each type. The Tena Extra Absorbent Underwear is one of the most absorbent pad styles available. A high absorbency product may simply provide more absorbing area or it may have advanced technology to boost its effectiveness.

Tena Extra Absorbency Underwear

Overnight Absorbency
Despite their name, overnight absorbency products do not have to solely be used at night. They simply provide the most absorbency possible in a particular style of product. While comfort is always a priority in our products, overnight products are focused on protection than discretion. One of our most popular products in this category are the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons which can absorb anywhere from 20-34 oz of liquid, depending on the size.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons