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We strive to provide full incontinent solutions for people, specializing in assisting those that have moderate, full, heavy, and overnight incontinence. We intend to provide great customer service no matter what we get in return. We work hard to give people with incontinence freedom from fear of accidents. We also want to provide as much information on our website as possible so that people will be informed and find the help they need. Good solutions for customers are our top priority.

iDiaper is a family run business lead by Nurse Nancy Weikel. We have been in business since 2006. We are located in Idaho in the United states. We have a wide range of incontinence products, some not found elsewhere. We have many long-term customers that we know very well, and we’re always helping new people.

We help as much as possible even if they do not become customers, and Nancy takes incontinence-based questions. We strive to give people back their quality of life. Our customer service is always ready to answer even the most difficult questions and solve even the most difficult problems. Our prices are very competitive, and we have served thousands over the last 14 years.