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Tena Bathing Glove Wipe

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Tena Bathing Glove Wipe The Tena Bathing glove is a product designed to improve daily washing routines and personal hygiene. The Tena Bathing Glove has been developed to better care for fragile skin, minimize cross contamination and provide a more convenient and efficient routine. The Tena Bathing glove brings together all the necessary materials for cleansing the body at the bedside - washcloth, body wash and water. They are made of soft, textured material to be gentle on fragile skin. There is a mild cleansing formula with gentle ingredients. They can even be warmed for a better feeling. There is no water, washcloths or towels needed. They come in scent free or lightly scented. They are 6 x 9 inches in size in a soft pack for easy carrying. 

Model #

Package Info
65004 - scent free

6 x 9 inch

5/pk or 225/case
65005 - scented

6 x 9 inch

5/pk or 225/case