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McKesson Youth Absorbent Pull On Underwear

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McKesson Youth Pull on Underwear

New - offers up to 12 hours of protection.  Great protection for bedwetting.  Stretchy sides and a flexible waist offer a snug but comfortable fit.  Tear away sides allow for quick and easy removal.  Colored thread at back of waistband so child can determine front and back.  Latex free. 

Size                                                  Waist                                            Packaging                                       SKU
Small/Medium                                 15-32 "     38-62 lbs                     15/pack or 60/case                          YPMED
Medium/Large                                 15-35"      65-85 lbs                     12/pack or 48/case                           YPLG
Large/X-Large                                 16-36"      70-125lbs                    22/pack or 88/case                           YPXL