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Attends Booster Pads

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Attends Booster Pads (Light to Moderate Absorbency for a Booster Pad, Urinary Incontinence)

Overview – The Attends Booster pads are designed to add capacity to any incontinence product. They are only intended to be worn with another incontinence product, not with normal underwear. There is no barrier liner. This means that the product will absorb to its maximum and then allow any other fluids to flow through into the brief or other protective product being worn. These are a great product to add to your existing product for overnight protection. They can add additional capacity that is normally needed at night when the incontinence product usually needs to absorb the most fluid. This is an ultra-thin product with an absorbent core can be placed where needed with its adhesive strip. They are individually wrapped.


Click here for a fluid oz, cups, and bladder size comparison chart

Size Packaging
3.75 “ x 11” 24/pack or 192/case




Absorption – This product adds capacity to your normal product. It will absorb fluids to its capacity and then allow any additional fluid to flow through onto the normal product. They can be a great help at night time when more coverage is normally needed.


Fit – They are a full length pad with a hold-in-place adhesive strip. This prevents the pad from moving around. They are ultra-thin.



Brand of Adult Diaper Attends
Type of Incontinence Urinary
Who is this for? Men, Women, and Youth
Comes by the Pack Yes
Reusable or Disposable Disposable
Backing Soft cloth-like backing
Does it have Leak Guards No
Each Wrapped Individually Yes
Where is it made USA
Alternative Products Dignity Doublers



Alternative Products If you are looking for something with a little more capacity, an alternative to the Attends Booster Pads might be the Dignity Stackables Pads. Or if you are looking for reusable pads instead of something disposable you might want to try the Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners.


Simlar Products Comparison Chart

Product Icon Product Name Absorbency Features Style Who For Fit Color Odor Control Backing (Made of) Price Per Diaper (Medium Case)
Attends Booster Pads icon Attends Booster Pads Light to moderate, urinary incontinence No barrier liner, adds capacity, individually wrapped Booster Pad with no barrier Men, women, youth 3.75 x 11” White Not available Nonwoven $.30
Dignity Stackables Pads icon Dignity Stackables Pads Moderate to heavy, urinary incontinence Barrier free, adhesive strip, ability to layer, 8 oz. capacity Booster pad with no barrier Men, women, youth 3 ½ x 12” White Yes, super core Moisture proof backing $.51
Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners icon Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners Moderate, urinary incontinence Washable (very important difference), contour shaped Booster pad Men, women, youth 4 x 9 ½” White Not available Cotton Polyester Terry $7.10 (Note this is reusable, washable)

Note that the Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners are much more expensive but you can wash them hundreds of times for reuse. Also, the Dignity Stackables are more expensive but you can stack them on top of each other and they are a little more absorbent - 8 oz capacity. Click here to learn about fluid ounces and bladders.


Top 5 Questions Asked About the Attends Booster Pads

  1. I sleep on my side and experience leakage on that side, would these help?
    The booster pads give you additional fluid capacity. These pads also have an adhesive strip so you can place them where they are needed. Some need extra protection on the side, others the front. As long as your adult diaper already fits correctly, these should help.
  2. Can I wear these in my normal underwear?
    No, these are designed with no-barrier liners. There is no protection for your normal underwear. Once the booster pad has absorbed its fluid, it will pass any additional through to your underwear. They are designed to be worn with other incontinence products.
  3. What products can I use this with?
    This can be used with almost any incontinence product, including pull-ups, briefs, reusable briefs, women's panties, and men's incontinence underwear. They are not suited for bowel incontinence.
  4. How good of a company is Attends?
    The company Attends was created in 1979 in North Carilina. It has been around a long time, and has been expanding every since. Customers have said that it is in the top five brands they have ever tried. Most of their products work really well, according to customers.
  5. How do shipping and tax work at iDiaper.com?
    Shipping is completely free for all orders shipped within the continental United States no matter what size the order is. We don't charge tax except in Idaho, California, Florida, and Louisiana.


About AttendsAttends cares about their customers. For over 35 years they have developed and provided products that are effective and absorbent. They are comfortable for their clients to use while also discreet.


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