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Why iDiaper?
Here at iDiaper, we have a long chain of successes with all types of incontinence, specializing in moderate and heavy incontinence, or overnight as some people call it. We strive to provide full solutions, this means high absorbency, working products with minimal or no leakage. This also means working with someone's budget, working with their routine, and many times people have questions. 

We not only have customer service; we have a nurse on staff to answer incontinence questions. Please, finding a non-leaking, high absorbency solution can be difficult. Please call our customer service right away if you are leaking and in crisis, the number is 866-559-0353. A gentle, helpful person will walk you through finding a real, full solution. 

We find people are so concerned about cost. And what we have come to find is that full solutions are a delicate balance between working with someone's real budget, getting as high an absorbency incontinence product as possible, and getting a full-featured adult diaper that fits right. If you can do all that, you are doing really well. Unfortunately, this sometimes takes guidance as the incontinence product selection is not really clear without studying a little. Thus, we've provided an advanced Guides and Help section.

What people usually read first is the Best Adult Diapers article to help you choose good products. It is also for if you really want to balance the budget and products well. However, to get really good support if you are struggling, call customer service, and get the best custom solution just for you. Another option is to thoroughly read product descriptions. We have made some of our top descriptions extensive. See our top product for an example.

Please reach out to us at any time by phone or contact page.