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What is the best overnight diaper for adults?

Overnight diapers for adults are generally the most absorbent and highest-capacity products on the market. They are designed for usage at night when the output of urine is at its highest. This high output is due to the muscles relaxing and releasing fluids from the day’s intake. While light to moderate products may be sufficient for daytime use, generally nighttime use is a different story.

Adult Overnight Diapers: Overnight products are often a bit bulkier than daytime use products. This is due to the need to hold a higher capacity of fluid. Our most popular products are the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ups and the Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Nights) Brief with tabs.

Booster Pads: Sometimes even an overnight product is not quite enough to manage the increased nighttime urine capacity. In these situations, a booster pad can be added to the overnight adult diaper to increase the total absorption capacity. Some booster pads hold almost as much as a stand-alone overnight product. The three most popular booster pads we sell are Tranquility Topliner Contour Pad, Tranquility Regular & Mini Booster Pads, and Abri-Let Booster Pads.

Reasons for using a good quality overnight diaper:
  1. Healthy Restful Sleep: A good night’s sleep is very important. Waking up at night breaks up our sleep pattern. Our health is directly related to getting proper sleep at night.
  2. Fall Prevention: Getting out of bed during the night while sleepy leads to a higher risk of falls for seniors and people with disabilities.
  3. Preventing leakage while sleeping: Properly fitted diapers with adequate absorption can help prevent waking up to a wet bed, wet sheets, and a wet mattress. Overnight adult diapers have a higher capacity than most daytime use products.

Customer Service: We carry over 20 diapers specifically designed for overnight usage. Depending on the size and brand, an overnight diaper may hold as much as 32 fluid ounces. If leakage continues after purchasing one of our products feel free to call our customer assistance at 866-559-0353 for individual help. Our staff has been assisting customers to find the best solutions to meet their individual needs for over 10 years.

Nancy Weikel, RN

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At we strive to provide a level of customer service unmatched by our competitors. Selecting the right incontinence products for yourself or a loved one can be an overwhelming process. Our representatives provide full solution help and are always discreet. We have a nurse on staff to answer non-medical questions and ensure our products are of the best quality and variety available. We offer both economical and premium options to meet the needs of every customer.

Our Guides & Help section provides a wealth of information. We highly recommend you start with Choosing the Right Adult Diaper written by our nurse. If you have further questions, our customer service representatives can also guide you through the decision-making process. Call today at 866-559-0353 to receive individual support. You are also welcome to contact us directly through the website by sending a message.

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