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Moderate Incontinence Products with Wetness Indicators at IDiaper.com

These moderate incontinence products with wetness indicators contain an indicator strip to tell you if and when you will need to change the product. They are rated for moderate coverage. Imagine you have just gotten your patient down for a much needed nap, but you are not sure if their diaper or brief needs to be changed, simply look at the wetness indicator to check. It is no longer needed to wake the patient, unfasten the diaper or brief to check and then refasten it if a change is not needed. The wetness indicators are designed for the ease of both the patient and/or caregiver.

The Tena pads are body contour shaped. They feature the leg gathers to help with the prevention of any leakage. They are rated from light to heavy incontinence control. They soft cloth-like outer covering means more comfort and less noisy, more discrete. Their core will wick the fluid away from the body and keep the skin dry for less chance of rashes or irritation. The core retains the fluid until you change the pad. That is where the wetness indicator comes into place. It will let you know that the pad has reached it maximum containment and needs to be changed. There is an adhesive strip to attach the pad to your normal underwear.

The Nightingale Cool Comfort Brief comes in moderate incontinence rating. They have a soft-cloth like back sheet for less noise, breathable side panels for skin health and an anatomically designed core to keep you feeling dry. The wetness indicator will let you know that the brief needs to be changed, that it has reached its maximum capacity. It is time to change the brief before any leakage occurs.

The Prevail Specialty Brief is for moderate to heavy incontinence coverage. The soft cloth-like backing does not rustle like the plastic backed briefs. This makes them more discrete for the wearer. These are designed to fit from the smallest to the plus sizes.

The Medline Value Brief is a top quality product with your pocket book in mind. They are durable with great protection but at an affordable price. The side panels and core are shaped for a comfortable fit. They are available in four different sizes. The wetness indicator will allow you to check to see if the brief actually needs changing. This will save on unnecessarily disturbing the patient and changing of briefs that are still usable. This makes them cost effective along with the price.

Wetness indicators have been one of the big innovations in the incontinence products over the years. This allows either the patient or the caregiver to tell without taking the diaper or brief off if they need to do a change. The wetness indicator can allow for a better undisturbed sleep for patients, for there is no need to physically check the diaper or brief, the indicator will let you know. If you have any questions in regards to the products you are interested in, please give idiaper’s Customer Service staff a call. They have years of experience in the wide variety of products available. They can guide you to the products that will fit your needs.

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