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Tena Pads at IDiaper.com

Products (Total Items: 11)

Tena  Bladder Control Pads
Tena Bladder Control Pads
Tena  Bladder Control Pads
Tena Bladder Control Pads
Tena Serenity  Light Pads - Light
Tena Serenity Light Pads - Light
Tena Serenity Bladder Control Pads (Heavy)
Tena Serenity Bladder Control Pads (Heavy)
Tena for Men (Light)
Tena for Men (Light)
Tena Night/Super Pad (Overnight)
Tena Night/Super Pad (Overnight)
Tena Day Regular Pad (Moderate)
Tena Day Regular Pad (Moderate)
Tena Day Light Pad (Light)
Tena Day Light Pad (Light)
Tena Day Plus Pad (Moderate)
Tena Day Plus Pad (Moderate)
TENA Serenity Moderate Pads
TENA Serenity Moderate Pads
Tena Serenity Extra Plus Pads
Tena Serenity Extra Plus Pads

Tena has brought their advanced quality and technology to their pads and liners. They have taken the superb absorbency and fit of their diapers and applied the same thought process to Tena pads and liners. These liners and pads have the same core as their diapers; one that will wick away the liquid from the skin giving you the sensation of being dry. The inner core keeps your skin dry and moisture free. Some of the pads and liners are individually wrapped for a more discrete way to carry them when you are out and about. They all have an adhesive strip so you can attach them to your current underwear. These are not booster pads for use in diapers; they liquid will not flow through to the next layer of clothing. They do have a moisture barrier.

“picture Tena has pads and liners for light to heavy coverage. They come in either the normal rectangular pad shape or an oval shape with gathers at the legs. There are a variety of sizes and lengths also available. There are also pads specifically designed for men.

Men have different incontinence needs than women. This is an often neglected need. The Tena for Men is anatomically designed with a man’s body in mind. It is cup-shaped designed to fit a man’s body. The leg area is gathered to give a comfortable, secure fit with no leakage. There is an adhesive strip to attach to regular, close fitting underwear. It also has odor control. This pad should allow you to wear your normal clothing and have an active life.

The Tena pads come in a variety of sizes, from slim to normal width, and in different lengths. Some of the pads come individually wrapped for easy and discrete carrying purposes. You can slip them into your purse or pocket while you are on the go. The rectangular pads are flat for a close fit. The oval pads have the leg area gathered for leakage prevention. They also have the adhesive strip to attach to your current underwear to prevent the pad from moving around.

With the Tena pads and liners you have a choice:
  • A variety of coverage from light to heavy.

  • Two different styles, either rectangular or oval with gathers.

  • A variety of lengths to fit your needs.

  • Some individually wrapped

  • All with adhesive strips so you can wear your current underwear.
With the wide variety of sizes, shapes, and coverage available, the Tena products will help you retain a healthy, active life style.

If the thought or idea of using a full diaper or brief does not feel right to you, give these Tena products a try. A full diaper or brief may not be needed yet. The Tena pads and liners come in both packs and cases. We suggest trying the lowest unit of measure for the first time buy. Once you have discovered the correct product for your needs, then the most economical buy would be the case. If you have any questions, call our Customer Service Department. They are there to help you discover the right product for your incontinence needs and life style.

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