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Incontinence Panties and Covers

Find incontinence panties and covers below. Some types have built in absorbency, and some types are built to place a pad into them. Try the Women's Free & Active Panty with built in Absorbency for a pad built into the panty, or the Lady Dignity Pantie for a product that is made to insert a light, moderate, or heavy pad into it.
Products (Total Items: 13)

Light & Dry Panties for Women - Salk
Light & Dry Panties for Women - Salk
Lady Dignity Panty
Lady Dignity Panty
Women's Free & Active Panty with built in Absorbency
Women's Free & Active Panty with built in Absorbency
Women's Wearever Lovely Lace Trim Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
Women's Wearever Lovely Lace Trim Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
HealthDri Ladies Heavy Panties
HealthDri Ladies Heavy Panties
Wearever Women's Floral Fancy  Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
Wearever Women's Floral Fancy Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
Women's Wearever Cotton Comfort Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
Women's Wearever Cotton Comfort Incontinece Panties (LIght to Moderate)
Dignity Regular Pant
Dignity Regular Pant
GaryWear Active Breifs  (Cover)
GaryWear Active Breifs (Cover)
Vinyl Pull-On Pant
Vinyl Pull-On Pant
Spartan Washable Waterproof Pant (Cover)
Spartan Washable Waterproof Pant (Cover)
Sani-pant Reusable Briefs
Sani-pant Reusable Briefs
Tena Comfort Pants (mesh)
Tena Comfort Pants (mesh)

Urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control is common, but it can be an embarrassing condition. There is an excellent selection of panties for incontinence that meet the needs for many women. Our covers are also in this section

Disposable, absorbent reusable panties for females usually provide good light incontinence protection, plus they are comfortable to wear during daytime hours.Senior on bike for incontinence panties page These panties are made with a breathable fabric; they keep the skin dry and odor free as the pH is neutralized. In addition, all panties are easy to take on and off. They are available in sizes from medium to XX-large.

Many of the products for light incontinence contain pads or liners. Pads to use in panties come in different types and sizes to fit the panties. Some panties have built-in pads. Covers are larger and go over the top of a pantie

Adult diapers and panties for incontinence made of cloth material are an excellent option. They are initially higher priced, but they will save money in the long run, particularly for an individual with long term incontinence. Women tend to choose panties over diapers to maintain their dignity. In addition, cloth panties are environmentally friendly as they do not fill up the landfills.

Light and Dry Panties for Women are made of 100% reusable cotton, and they have a crotch panel with a built-in super absorbent pad that will always keep the skin dry. These panties are natural looking and perfect for the working woman or even to use while traveling. The legs and waist are designed with soft elastic. In addition, they have a brushed polyester inner layer that keeps the skin dry. The panties come in sizes from small to XX-large. These panties are washable and re-wearable, which makes them a good investment. Most women wouldn't use a cover for their panty, but some of the covers are nice and worth looking into for added protection.

The Lady Dignity Panty is also a good choice as they are made with a cotton blended fabric with a built in protective pouch. This moisture proof pouch will hold a pad in place to prevent leakage.senior couple for incontinence panties page There are pads designed to fit the pouch perfectly. These panties for incontinence are designed to fit like a traditional panty, but they have all the necessary protection to prevent an embarrassing leakage. The panties provide more protection than a pad alone. This is a latex free product, which is available in small to 2X-large.

The first thing to do before ordering one of these panties or panty covers is to determine the level of your incontinence. Light incontinence is often stress incontinence as it occurs when laughing, sneezing, coughing or exercising. There is usually four ounces of urine or less leaked in an episode.

It is possible to purchase fitted panties, with or without pads, which do not show through clothing. There is a wide variety of cloth panties available that are washable and disposable. Disposable panties for incontinence are available as well. There are numerous brands from which to choose. It is important to read the product descriptions carefully when making a choice to purchase.

There are millions of people who use adult incontinence products, so there is nothing to be ashamed of and many products are available that meet your needs.

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