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Incontinence Chair Pads, Incontinence Chair Protection

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Reusable Chair Pad
Reusable Chair Pad

IDiaper carries reusable incontinence chair pads. These pads can be used to protect wheelchairs, lounge chairs, or any other type of chair. These pads for incontinence chair protection are very absorbent and washable; they provide excellent protection when needed most. These pads come in different colors; including darker, more stain resistant styles. These pads are 21 by 22 inches and hold 8 fluid ounces of liquid, which is about half the amount of liquid that a full bladder holds.

Incontinence chair pads such as these are excellent for adding extra absorbance to what is caught by an incontinence product. Some people use them as an extra Senior on bike for incontinence chair pad pagesafeguard, just in case there is some major leakage. Other people use chair protection for incontinence issues when sitting in their favorite lounge chair. These pads are used by people who are disabled, or by people that just need some extra absorbency around the house to protect the furniture. Try different colors. Chair pads for incontinence keep the wheelchair or lounge chair safe from harm. They can even be used in the car. Use them anywhere you sit. Take the worry away and relax and enjoy life. No more worrying about embarrassing moments. The Reusable Chair Pads are fairly compact. You can take them with you wherever you go. So get out and have fun not having to worry about “mistakes”. These pads are washable, which means they are earth-friendly. No more throwing money away by using the disposables which have to be constantly replaced.

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