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Booster Pads and Incontinence Liners from IDiaper.com

Below are booster pads and liners. Booster pads are added to an adult diaper to provide extra absorbancy. Liners are basically big, absorbent pads.
Products (Total Items: 13)

Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners (Booster Pad)
Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners (Booster Pad)
Tranquility TopLiner Contour Pad (Booster Pads)
Tranquility TopLiner Contour Pad (Booster Pads)
Select Booster Pad
Select Booster Pad
Tranquility TopLiner Regular & Mini Pads (Booster Pad)
Tranquility TopLiner Regular & Mini Pads (Booster Pad)
Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets
Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets
Dignity Doublers Barrier-Free Disposable Pads
Dignity Doublers Barrier-Free Disposable Pads
Select Kids Diaper Booster Pad
Select Kids Diaper Booster Pad
Dignity Extra Longs Disposable Pads
Dignity Extra Longs Disposable Pads
Double-Up Liners (Booster Pads)
Double-Up Liners (Booster Pads)
Attends Booster Pads
Attends Booster Pads
Dignity Stackables Pads (Booster Pads)
Dignity Stackables Pads (Booster Pads)
Dignity Extra Duty Doubler Pads (Booster Pads)
Dignity Extra Duty Doubler Pads (Booster Pads)
MIP Chamonix Liners   Stay Dry Surface  Quilted
MIP Chamonix Liners Stay Dry Surface Quilted

iDiaper carries booster pads and liners. As described above, booster pads add absorbency to any pull up or brief with tabs. Liners are like big, highly absorbent pads that are worn with regular clothing.

Most people think that a person can use a regular pad to boost a diaper's absorbency. This is not the case. A regular pad has one side that's waterproof. Wherever this waterproof side touches the adult diaper, the diaper cannot take in fluid in that section. Senior on bike for booster pads pageThis can actually stop the absorbency of fluid and cancel out any positive effect. It's important, then, to not try to add a regular pad to a pull up or brief. This is one reason that leakage can occur.

Booster pads, on the other hand, are absorbent on both sides, so they fill up and pass along fluid to the underlying diaper when they are full. Booster pads are the correct way to boost the absorbency of a pull up or brief.

So if you have found the diaper or brief that fits and want to add some extra protection, add a booster pad. Some people add them just to be safe. iDiaper carries both disposable and reusable booster pads. We offer discounts on our reusable pads when you buy more than one package. You save money and the landfills as these are eco-friendly products.

One of our more popular disposable brands is the Dignity Stackables. Each one holds an additional 8 ounces of fluid. And you can stack this product to increase the protection level needed as once the top pad is full it will flow into the next pad. We carry many different brands with a variety of sizes for your needs.

Another one of the things that we carry are Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners. These are reusable booster pads that can be put into reusable or disposable adult diapers. This product is good for the earth and costs less long-term. It comes in packs of 2, 4, 6, or 8.

Tranquility and Select make some very good liners also. Select is Tranquility’s economy brand. Tranquility booster pads are some of the best around. The Tranquility Topliner Contour pad (super-plus version) holds a huge amount – 27.5 fluid ounces – of liquid. senior couple for booster pads pageTranquility makes some very absorbent products. A normal person’s bladder holds around 16 fluid ounces, so this product holds close to two full bladder losses. Use in conjunction with Tranquility briefs or pullups for major protection.

The liners are a bit larger and fit into standard underwear. Some of the liners are very absorbent and are an additional choice when trying to contain a lot of fluid. Liners are like big pads, and go inside of a brief with tabs or pullup underwear for added protection.

Booster pads give a person wearing an adult diaper a boost to make their product that much more effective, which is sometimes necessary during the day and often necessary at night. Instead of dealing with the leakage, the person can stop the leakage in it’s track. Booster pads are often an important part of a night time incontinence solution.

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