The middle of the body between the chest and the pelvic area. Inside the belly, also called the abdomen, are many of the vital organs. The belly carries the stomach, digestive track, and many more organ systems.

Belly button


The belly button was once where the umbilical cord when the person was a newborn. It is the small “button” in the middle of the abdomen, also called the navel.

This scar is the remnant of the umbilicus, which contains many blood vessels that feed a mammalian fetus.

An American word in origin.



Benign, in medicine, means non-cancerous or self-limiting.

A benign tumor or cyst is not cancerous or malignant, and the opposite is malignant. Benign tumors do not invade nearby tissues and usually spread slowly. If large enough, however, they can cause other problems by pressing on blood vessels, organs or nerves. Common tumors which are benign are uterine fibroids and moles.

When referring to an illness, the term benign is used if the disease is nonprogressive or mild.