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Youth and Adult Swim Diapers

Both products come in adult and youth sizes.
Products (Total Items: 4)

Pool Pal Adult Reusable Swim Diaper
Pool Pal Adult Reusable Swim Diaper
Pool Pal Youth Reusable Swim Diaper
Pool Pal Youth Reusable Swim Diaper
SOSecure Containment Swim Brief
SOSecure Containment Swim Brief
Incontinent Swim Brief - Disposable Pull On
Incontinent Swim Brief - Disposable Pull On

IDiaper carries youth and adult swim diapers. Be able to go back into the pool! The adult swim diapers and the youth as well come in two types - the Pool Pal swim diaper and the SOSecure swim diaper. Both work well to contain bowel incontinence while swimming. All youth and adult swim diapers are for fecal incontinence - the same diaper that would absorb urine would also absorb pool water. However, the SOSecure swim diaper can hold up to a couple of cups of urine if the product fits well. Be sure and test it in the bathtub at home for the urine containment, but if it fits well it often contains urine as well as feces.

Senior on bike for youth swim diaper pageThe adult swim diapers allow people to get back into the pool. Both products have been carefully developed by the manufacturers. The youth swim diapers are for older children, teens or petite adults.

With the SOSecure adult or youth swim diaper, the person who places the order has the option of including custom measurements for a better fit. These measurements are waist, hip, thigh, and crotch. The crotch is measured from the bellybutton down between the legs up to the same height as the bellybutton on the other side. We recommend including these measurements. These measurements allow for an almost customized fit. The better the fit the better the diaper will function. With the waist, hip, rise and thigh measurements we can almost guarantee an excellent fit. And a proper fit is the key. The SoSecure are available in the basic navy blue. The Velcro type fasteners go from thigh to waist. This allows for a closer fit. They are machine washable.

Although the Pool Pal youth and adult swim diapers look like regular swim trunks, they have been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. Pool Pals are available from size extra small youth (weight 40 pounds) to large adult size (36-44” waist). They are available in three colors. The youth swim diaper by Pool Pal has a lower rise to accommodate the size difference between a youth and adult. Take your measurement carefully. The waist/hip measurements can be more important than the actually weight size. As we all know, weight is not distributed equally. If you are petite in height, you may want to consider senior couple for adult swim diaper pagea youth size. With the wide variety of sizes, there is an excellent chance we can fit you into a swim diaper which will allow you to join in the aquatic fun. And they are machine washable. They also come in three different colors – royal blue, hot pink or white. We are currently offering some excellent pricing if you buy more than one.

Each swim diaper comes in a wide range of size options. These containment diapers will allow you to participate in activities you once enjoyed whether it is physical therapy, exercise or just plain fun activities. Unlike other swim diapers, which are bulky, Swim-sters are designed to be worn under any swimming suit. For a custom sized Swim-ster, give our customer service team a call. Come get started swimming again!

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