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Adult Dignity Pull Ups at IDiaper.com

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Dignity Compose Disposable Protective Underwear (Heavy)
Dignity Compose Disposable Protective Underwear (Heavy)

Dignity has designed their pullup type diaper/brief with the same advanced technology as in the briefs with tabs. Some people prefer the adult Dignity pull ups over the brief with tabs version. The pullup type is closer to their regular type underwear. There is not the need to adjust the tabs to pull or loosen for a comfortable fit. The entire top section of the pullup is encased in a stretchy material for a snug, comfortable fit. There is no chance of it falling down into an uncomfortable position. Or falling down and allowing leakage.

The Dignity Disposable Protective Underwear has the strands around the top of the diaper to give you a snug comfortable fit while allowing you to pull them up and down like your regular underwear. The stretchable panels allow for a comfortable, better fit. These pullups are for heavy incontinence usage. They feature a cloth-like exterior barrier to prevent the rustling sound that plastic coverings can make while you are moving around. These pullups are designed for both urinary and bowel incontinence.

Their core is a soft, fluff panel that absorbs the fluids and wicks them away from the skin. This allows for better skin health. Skin irritation and rashes can be very painful especially if you are wearing a diaper that keeps the heat in and the moisture close to the affected skin. With the breathable side allowing for airflow to the skin, it avoids the heat buildup that can cause these irritations. The top layer quickly pulls the wetness away from the skin and stores it in the super absorbent core. When the need comes to change the pullup, you can either just pull them down or the sides will tear loose for a quick and easy change.

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