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Diapers and Pads that are Heavy Incontinence Products

Heavy protection is for heavy incontinence. This heavy of protection is provided by products like pull ups or briefs with tabs. These products are much more absorbent than light or medium products.
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IDiaper carries diapers and pads for heavy incontinence. There are several names for heavy incontinence, such as sever incontinence, complete incontinence, or if a person is handicapped, handicap incontinence. Products in this category are made to take a large amount of liquid or continuous drainage. For example, some people have prostate issues where there is a lot of drainage if their sphincter muscle isn't working properly. Some women, who have had many children; as they grow older, can become fully incontinence.

Heavy incontinence diapers and pads are for men and women that have no control over their bladder or have little control. Incontinence products for handicapped people are often of the heavy type. If the incontinence is severe or complete incontinence, it always should be checked out by a doctor. Senior on bike for heavy incontinence pageIn men, heavy incontinence, or any incontinence, is often a sign of an underlying medical condition and should get checked by a doctor. Women, too, except if it's just after pregnancy and it's just light incontinence, should get checked by a doctor if they develop incontinence issues.

Most of our reusable cloth briefs are designed for heavy or overnight control. The use of reusable briefs will save you in the long term, and are also eco-friendly.

iDiaper carries both the pullup and brief with tabs disposables for heavy protection. Along with these heavy incontinence diapers, there are pads and liners also available in case there is a need for added protection.

For any of these products, the correct measurements are a must. If you are measuring for a product for handicapped incontinence, or if the person is bedridden, be sure and get the proper help to get the proper measurement. The proper fit in any diaper will help eliminate the threat of leakage. So take the time and take the measurements carefully, this will help with your selection of the proper size in the brand you select.

Also, remember that each brand uses different size measurements. In other words, if you wear a small in one brand does not mean that you will wear the same size in another brand. Also if available, try the products that are new to you in the smallest available quantity. It may take several tries to find the correct product and fit. Pad sizing is more forgiving since you can just stick it in mesh pants or underwear.

senior couple for handicapped incontinence pageDisposable pull up diapers for heavy incontinence are commonly used by active adults with full incontinence. These products absorb a lot of liquid and are worn like underwear. There are different thicknesses of material, and it’s important to find a product that works well.

There’s also a few heavy duty pads and liners in this category. They are easier to use than their diaper counterparts, but there’s not as many choices since this heavy of pad is a bit rare.

Whether you’re looking for reusables or disposables for full or handicapped incontinence, this section has very absorbent products

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