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Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products at IDiaper.com

IDiaper.com is a premier seller of adult diapers and quality incontinence products. We offer free shipping on absolutely everything within the continental United States. We have a wider selection of products than anyone else in the industry. Whether you need adult cloth diapers or just some wipes, we probably have what you're looking for. Reusable and disposable products come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and quality, and we hope to meet anyone's need. We specialize in adult cloth diapers, disposable overnight products, and the tougher issues. We try to carry the really effective solutions since many times that's what people end up using even if they try everything. If you are inexperienced with the different types of products, this article (click here) might help.

Many people call in and want either a reusable or disposable product that will be their solution to nighttime comfort for their future. They almost always end up going with the Tranquility (disposable), and sometimes with the Ibex (reusable) product. About one-third of the time they also go with reusable or disposable booster pads for added absorbency. It's important to not use a regular pad to increase absorbency of a brief or pullup since a standard absorbable pad has a waterproof burrier on one side. Instead, use a booster pad which is absorbent on both sides.

Here's an example of a typical nighttime problem. A customer called up and said that they were having to change the bedding every night. We recommended the Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Underwear and some Dignity Stackables Booster Pads. They tried this combination and it did an amazing job. They had been searching for months for something that would work. The Tranquility kept them dry and absorbed the necessary fluid. Note that a product should be changed, if possible, as soon as it is wet.

Although disposables are still the norm and offer the most choices, here's a story of where reusables were the solution. A customer called up just the other day and was really having trouble at night. They were changing the bedding and reusable bedpads every night. They had tried almost everything. Finally, they called us and we had them narrow down to whether they wanted something reusable or disposable. They chose reusable, and so we had them try out our reusable Ibex Overnight briefs. After trying this for a couple of nights, they called back and said that the leakage was much lighter, though there was still slight leakage. We sent them some reusable booster pads and the combination worked well. It was the first time they had found a nighttime solution since the incontinence had started and they were very grateful.

Come find disposable briefs, adult cloth diapers, pullups, covers, underpads, creams, wipes, or any other type of adult bedwetting product you need. Don't see an item in our store? Call us - we'll see what we can do. Find the adult diapers and incontinence products to keep you safe and secure.

Disposable products, especially our overnight products, are still more common than adult cloth diapers. We carry many types of brands, from the economical Nightingale to the extremely absorbent such as Tranquility. Disposable heavy or light incontinence products can be found throughout our store.

It's important to know your level of incontinence when buying a product. To learn all about your level of incontinence, click here to read this article. Fecal incontinence is also very common, and we have a whole category for it, you can go to it right now by clicking here. Whatever types of adult diapers and supplies you are looking for, we most likely have it. We even have peripheral items such as different types of creams, gloves, and odor eliminators.

Fecal products are not only rare to find, but it's rare to find good ones online. We have a whole section for fecal incontinence products, click here to go to that section. A customer called up just the other day that had been looking and looking for something that would work well for moderate fecal incontinence. Nothing was working. We showed her both the disposable and reusable options, and she went with the disposable Tranquility Slimline. It contained her problem and she was very pleased. Many other people have also gone the reusable route and used the Ultra-Fitted Reusable Brief for fecal incontinence.

Disposable adult pullup and briefs are still the norm. We offer much more variety in disposable products than in reusables. Disposables come in many types. See this article to find which one is right for you. A couple of quick guidelines are to choose a pull up if the person is independent when going to the bathroom, and a brief with tabs if the person is bedridden. Also, if there is full bladder loss, consider trying a product labeled "Overnight" by a brand such as Tranquility, Medline, or Prevail. There are many good choices. If you have tried a product and it is leaking, try this article (click here).

Disposable products are the easiest to dispose of and use. We have a "Shop-by-Brand" area that you can find your favorite brand named products. Again, good brands to start looking at are Tranquility, Prevail, and Medline. We carry a good selection of additional incontinence supplies, like wipes, washcloths, creams, odor eliminitors, cathetors, gloves, and ensure. It's almost as important to have good incontinence supplies as it is to have the adult diapers themselves. These additional supplies, such as creams and wipes, make the use of products for incontinence much easier and safer on the skin or keep the odor down.

Whether you're buying disposable cloth diapers for a parent, or buying adult cloth diapers for a loved one, you'll find a nice variety here. If it's a man who is trying to maintain their dignity sometimes these underwear-like products for men with light incontinence (click here) will help, but only if their incontinence is not very severe.

Overall, we've tried to create the best experience and the highest variety possible. If we don't have it, we may still be able to get it. Give us a call if you need help deciding what to get. We are very happy to help you by phone in deciding what is the best thing to try. Call our customer service at 1-866-559-0353. Also, we have a wonderful article on how to choose the right product (Click here) and a Google+ page that we're putting the newest tips on.


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