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Product Image and Name Description Cost/diaper - Medium case

#1 Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-ons
This is a pull up, It absorbs 20.3-34 fluid ounces, depending on the size you purchase. It has dual leg cuffs, tear-away sides, and all the great Tranquility features. It comes in anywhere from a 17-80" waist. It is not rated for bowel incontinence, but some people use it for that purpose on slight seepage. $1.08

#2 Prevail Extra Protective Underwear
This is a pull up. It is for moderate incontinence, which is usually around 4-10 fluid ounces of fluid per change. It has leg gathers and Prevail usually has many good features. It fits a 20-80" waist, depending on the size. It is not rated for bowel incontinence, though it might retain slight seepage, depending on the person. $.82

#3 Tranquility ATN
This is a diaper with tabs (brief). It is the diaper with tabs version of #1, and works if you need the best but also need a tight fit. It holds 18-34 fluid ounces and has dual cuffs along with all the great Tranquility features. It fits an 18-64" waist depending on the size. It is not rated for bowel incontinence, but may work for slight seepage. $.95

#4 The Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency
This is a pull up. It is for moderate to heavy incontinence (4-16 fluid ounces in one change). See the fluid ounce to cups to bladder size comparison chart to learn more. It has leak-guard cuffs and tear-away sides. It fits a 22-68" waist, depending on the size. It is not rated for bowel incontinence, but may work for slight seepage. $.92

#5 Tranquility Elites
This is a diaper with tabs. It holds 44 fluid ounces and is absolutely fantastic but you pay more. It is rated for bowel and/or urinary incontinence. 44 fluid ounces is almost three times the size of a full adult bladder. It has dual cuffs and refastenable tabs. It fits a 32-64" waist. For tough jobs. $1.68

#6 Tranquility Slimline Disposable Brief
This is a diaper with tabs that is rated for both urinary and/or bowel incontinence. It holds 10.9-23.7 fluid ounces, depending on the size. It has dual refastenable tabs and fits a 20-64" waist, depending on the size. Some sizes have plastic backing, check the product page carefully if that is an issue. $.85

Note that some products are more expensive than others, but they have a whole lot more features. All products in the above table out-perform what you get at the standard department store.

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What are adult diapers?
Adult diapers are incontinence products that are sized for the adult body. They have been proportionally changed to fit the larger body size and its needs. The absorption has been increased and specially placed in the exact places where needed for an adult. There are women's pads, male pads, pullups, and briefs with tabs. There’s also men’s and women’s underwear with a pad either sewn in or pouches to add a pad. These are available as either reusable (machine washable products) or disposable products.

Where do you get them?
Most people start at their local stores and many don’t find what they need. Most stores do not carrying anywhere near all of the incontinence products available, especially not anything for a tough job. We receive a lot of calls from people who try store brands and they are not working – it’s one of our more common calls. Stores generally only carry the light to moderate (and cheapest made) urinary type products. If you are dealing with full incontinence, significant leakage, bowel incontinence, or if you have any needs beyond cheap absorption, these products will not work for you. Also, some people do not like having the entire neighborhood knowing they are using incontinence products; they like having the discreteness of it shipped to their door. We carry almost every product available on the market for every type of incontinence need. We carry all the basic brands plus tons of brands the stores do not carry.

How much do they cost? Do you have good prices?
The pricing all depends on the products required. If you need a basic pad, they can be as low as under 50 cents each. There are specialty products that are higher. You cost depends on your needs and requirements. We keep our prices competitive and offer free shipping in the Continental US to your door on all products, even the smallest pack to try out. We recommending finding just the right product and starting with a small pack to test. With a tough job, “cheap” is not always the “best” unfortunately. Start with a very small purchase. If you need product regularly, find a pack that what works well and is worth it, and then when it’s just what you need, buy by the case for best value.

What kind should I get?
What type of product you buy is going to depend on your needs and requirements. We carry everything from products that start at pads and fit into your normal underwear up to the fully enclosed brief style diapers with tabs. Once again, if you are trying product for the first time, we suggest ordering the smallest amount, usually a pack, of that product. It gives you enough product to see if it will work for you. When trying to figure out what product you need, be honest with yourself (this can be challenging) about your needs. If you are soaking through the incontinence pads you are using, it may be time to upgrade to either a pullup style or brief with tabs diaper.

A pad is an insert that goes in regular underwear. A pull up is a larger capacity product for deeper needs that pulls on like regular underwear. A brief with tabs has tabs like a baby diaper. If you are using a pad or something that is soaking through, try a pull up or brief with tabs like the very dependable Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ons or the Tranquility ATN. For fecal incontinence Try the Tranquility Smartcore. If you want reusable products, try the Ultra Fit Reusable Brief. If you have moderate to heavy incontinence and want something less expensive, try these Attends Underwear.

I’m large, do you have large sizes?
We have an entire section for the plus size products. These products will fit the plus size person with waist sizes going up to over 100 inches in some products. These waist measurements are taken at the belly button.

How does this service work?
You can either place your order online or call in your order. We will place your order to the closest available stocking warehouse and normally ship your order within 24-48 hours (weekends excluded). Your product should deliver 24-48 hours from shipment. If there are any problems, you will be notified either by phone or email for a resolution.

Why should I buy from you?
We are a competitively priced company that is here to service you. We have been told we have good customer service. We give detailed help by phone 1-866-559-0353 or email through customer service or our nurse. We also work hard to help with a problem most people do not wish to discuss. We take special care of you. We deliver directly to your door in brown boxes so no one is aware of what is inside the box.

I'm lost, can you educate me or what should I do?
We would be happy to assist you in finding the correct product for your needs. Incontinence varies from person to person. What works for one may not work for another person. You can call for sure, reach to our knowledgeable staff 1-866-559-0353. There are also self-help articles that can help you decide. See the article “What Types of Adult Diapers are There and What’s the Difference Between them?” to learn about the difference between products. Also, to help you decide there is the article “How to Choose the Right Incontinence Products”.

If you call be phone, which you are completely welcome to for guided assistance, we will need to ask some personal questions, but these are only for assisting you in finding the correct product. Give us a call or email us and we will help you to find that product that keeps you dry. We do not give medical advice. You will need to contact your doctor for that type of information. Our nurse on staff can be reached by email here if you have more difficult incontinence questions.

What payment methods do you take?
We take Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover and Paypal. You may also opt to send a check, e-check or money order. This will delay your order until your check, money order, or e-check clears the bank.

Are you a secure site?
Yes, idiaper is a secure site. Even the person taking your credit card information will not be able to see it on future orders. The numbers are fully encrypted and orders are taken behind a secure server.

Do you take insurance?
We do not deal directly with insurance companies. We suggest you contact your insurance company and ask if they will cover incontinence products. If yes, will they reimburse you with a copy of a paid invoice. If no, you can ask if they will cover the products if you have a doctor’s prescription. This sometimes puts it in a different category for them. We can provide you with a copy of the paid invoice either via US mail or email if you need it.

Do you do returns?
Our return policy is here in our terms and conditions. We do accept returns for unopened product. We do not accept returns for opened packages or reusable products. There is a small restocking fee and a shipping fee involved that are deducted before credit is issued to the charging card. You need to make contact with us to receive prior authorization on all returns. We try to make returns as easy as we possibly can.

Which adult diapers are the best?
Our best selling brand is the Tranquility. This is true in both the pullup and brief with tabs style. Specific top products are the pull up Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Ons and the brief with tabs Tranquility ATN. The Prevail and the Attends brands are also good products for the moderate to heavy incontinence needs.

Should I buy reusables or disposables?
Your life style would determine which is the best match for you as far as an incontinence product. Adult Cloth Diapers (Reusable products) will save you money in the long term. They are also eco-friendly. However, there are times when it might be wise to use a disposable product - say, if you are going out shopping. It is much easier to change into a clean product and dispose of the soiled one than it is to drag the soiled product around with you until you reach home. You do not have to stay with one type of product. There are different products to fit your different needs and life style.

Do you have covers?
Yes, iDiaper carries a variety of cover ups for incontinence products. There are the inexpensive clear vinyl cover upson up to the better quality Garywear products. These products are machine washable and dryer friendly.

How do I put your adult diapers on?
If you are using a pullup style product, these simply pull on and off like your normal underwear. If you are using the brief with tabs style, these slip between your legs and are pulled up and attached. They should fit snug, not tight nor loose.

Briefs with tabs are more for bedridden people, people that change lying down, or people that want to take on and off their incontinence product without taking off clothes. Pull ups are more for people who change a product themselves and prefer something more like regular underwear. Most pull ups have tear-away sides for easy removal.

How do I change them?
With the pull up style product, the products have a tear away side seam. You simply tug on it and it will tear apart allowing you to pull the product off. You will need to be undressed from the waist down to put a new product on in the pull up style. With the brief with tabs style, you would unfasten the tabs which allow the diaper to fall open. You can pull down and out from between the legs. The brief with tabs style allows you to stay dressed when you change the product.

How does sizing work?
Each brand has their own sizing standards. So if you wear a medium in one brand, that does not mean you would necessarily wear a medium in another brand. We ask that you take you waist measurement at the belly button and your hip measurement and use the widest of the two with our product charts. When looking at a product on our site, check that products sizing chart (all products on our site have one) to order the correct size that corresponds with your measurements for that specific brand. Fit is a very important part of how a product will work for you.

Terms you may need to know.
Here’s a few more terms that will help you with the site:

Belted undergarment – a belt with a big pad attached to it - another option.

Underpads – either reusable or disposable, they go underneath you at night to catch excess fluids.

Booster pads – these are extra pads that “beef up” any incontinence product by making it more absorbent, different than a standard pad which would not work for that purpose.

Bowel incontinence products – made specifically for bowel incontinence.

Wetness indicator – a strip that is put in many briefs and pull ups to change color when wet.

Auto-reorder – we offer to regulary ship the product to your door without you having the hastle or ordering or calling. You set the interval. It puts a price lock on your products for one year, which is nice.

Male incontinence underwear – also called male incontinence briefs – these are light to moderate underwear style products for men that either have a pouch for a pad or already have a pad sewn into them.

Women’s incontinence panties – these are panties with either a pouch for a pad or a sewn in pad. Many are feminine and have beautiful traits like lace.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will speak in plain and simple terms for you to understand what you are looking at. We care about the people that call and use our site and want to help you find the right product for your needs.


The iDiaper Team